[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here is no shortage of things to do in Winnipeg! Here is a list of just 20 of them to get you thinking about! If you plan to visit the area or live there, you will always have plenty of great choices to consider. There is fun for the entire family! While plenty of the events are available daily, others are seasonal or special events. If you know when you will be in the area, there are plenty of calendars online that provide those details.


There are plenty of types of music around Winnipeg, and live concerts are common events. They may take place for free in one of the various parks during the warmer times of the year. Others take place in concert halls or at the larger sports complexes. There are concerts offered for all types of music including jazz, rock n roll, and featuring up and coming local artists.

  • Rainbow Stage
  • Centennial Concert Hall
  • Ellice Theatre
  • MTS Centre

Fine Arts

There are plenty of plays and theatre shows in Winnipeg that are delightful to see. Some of them are local productions. Others are those that travel around and make stops in this area for various performances.

  • Royal Winnipeg Ballet
  • Manitoba Theatre Centre
  • Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra


The amazing scenery around Winnipeg doesn’t go unnoticed, and the parks are a great way to explore it. There are plenty of plants, trees, flowers, and even living creatures to explore in these various locations. Most of them are open all year long and offer special events including festivals or concerts on select dates.

  • Assiniboine Park
  • Fort Wyte
  • Grand Beach (45 min drive)
  • Kildonan Park
  • Little Mountain Park


There are a couple of nice casinos in Winnipeg that offer all of the gaming action that you could want. They also offer live entertainment, delicious food, lounges, and clubs. They are all smoke free locations.

  • Club Regent Casino
  • McPhillips Street Station Casino


There are plenty of festivals that occur around this area annually. Some of them are for a weekend and others last for several weeks. These festivals continue to draw larger and larger crowds all the time.

  • Folklorama (August)
  • Winnipeg International Jazz Festival (June)
  • Trappers Festival (February)
  • Festival du Voyageur (February)
  • Royal Manitoba Winter Fair (March)
  • Manitoba Summer Fair (June)
  • Winnipeg International Children’s Festival (June)
  • Red River Exhibition (June)
  • Winnipeg Folk Festival (July)

Sporting Events

Winnipeg is home to several great sports teams on a professional level. They have a professional hockey, football, and baseball team. Going to a live sporting event is very different than seeing what unfolds on the TV.

  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  • Winnipeg Goldeyes
  • Winnipeg Jets


There is no shortage of terrific shopping around Winnipeg. This includes malls with trendy stores and great deals. There are also specialty stores that offer unique items that are one of a kind. During certain times of the year there are markets that allow locals to bring their crafts and other items for sale to a common area.

  • Grant Park Shopping Centre
  • Kildonan Place Shopping Centre
  • Polo Park Shopping Centre
  • St. Vital Centre
  • Winnipeg Square
  • Kenaston Box Stores


Trying new foods is a great experience in Winnipeg. There is plenty of sushi, Thai food, and even lots of French options. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an upscale steakhouse or a simple café. There are choices in all areas of Winnipeg as well as all price ranges.

  • Segovia Tapas Bar and Restaurant
  • Bonfire Bistro
  • Sargent Sundae
  • Inferno’s Bistro
  • Boon Burger Café
  • Café Dario
  • 529 Wellington
  • Unburger
  • Hy’s Steak Loft

Museums & Historical Sites

Understanding the history of this part of Canada is very exciting. The various museums feature numerous pieces of work that allow an inside look at what has occurred over the years with this area. Many people don’t realize that the early history of Winnipeg includes the fur trappers and the various Indian tribes that prospered along the rivers.

  • The Forks
  • The Manitoba Museum
  • Western Canada Aviation Museum
  • Manitoba Planetarium and Science Gallery
  • Seven Oaks House Museum
  • Manitoba Children’s Museum
  • Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Art Galleries

It is said that a picture can say 1,000 words. Interpreting and appreciating various forms of art is a delightful experience. Winnipeg has some of the best art galleries with diverse objects that are extremely interesting.

  • Winnipeg Art Gallery
  • Loch Gallery
  • Mendel Art Gallery


There are plenty of beautiful places around Winnipeg to enjoy the game of golf. There are courses for beginners as well as those that are more advanced. There is also the option for golf lessons and to take part in tournaments. During the colder time of year, there is also an indoor golf range.

  • Bel-Acres Golf
  • Quarry Oaks
  • The Players Course
  • Tuxedo Golf Course
  • Transcona Golf Club


There are quite a few interesting buildings around the area that are worth checking out. Some of them even have guided tours available which gives you the entire experience including learning the history.

  • Manitoba Legislative Building
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Winnipeg Convention Center
  • Eternal Youth
  • Winnipeg City Hall
  • Commodity Exchange

Winter Sports

During the colder times of the year, plenty of locations around Winnipeg offer sports. This includes skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. There are plenty of locations to take part in such activities.

  • The River Trail at The Forks
  • Canlan Ice Sports
  • Sargent Park Arena
  • Frostfire
  • Springhill Winter Sports Park

Water Parks

Summer can be very warm in Winnipeg, so why not find a place to cool off? The several water parks in the area make it fun and easy to do so!
Check out Fun Mountain Water Slide Park.


Only a short drive out of town you can sit and enjoy the sun, sand, and water!

  • Grand Beach (45 min drive)
  • Birds Hill beach (15 min drive)

Family Fun Centres

It doesn’t have to be hard to find entertainment the entire family loves. There are several great family fun centers with an array of activities. They are terrific places to spend for the day or even to host a birthday party!
Grand Prix Amusements
U-Puttz Black Light Mini Golf
Shooter’s Family Golf Centre
Variety Heritage Adventure Park
Horse Racing
For some live action and thrills, consider watching horse racing. The action is very good in Winnipeg. Not only will you meet wonderful people and see some of the best horses, you may walk away with winning lots of money!
Assiniboine Downs Horse Racing Track
Old Market Square
There is always a mix of things to see and do around Old Market Square. This includes shopping, food, live performances, concerts, and more. What is offered depends on the time of year but it is easily a place to spend the entire day.
Young and old alike, there is nothing as relaxing or entertaining as a day at the zoo!
Assiniboine Park Zoo
Scenic Driving
There are plenty of places that offer a lovely look at the scenery without getting out of your car. These are certainly worth checking out!
Red River Corridor
Yellowhead Highway