Hilton Homes Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 254-8790
Address: 1615 St Mary’s Rd #201, Winnipeg, MB R2M 3W8
Website: http://hiltonhomes.ca

Hilton Homes is located in Winnipeg, and they are the designer and builder of many of the homes here and in surrounding areas of Manitoba. For more than 20 years, this business has been certified as a Master Builder. They incorporate only the highest standards for efficiency, safety, and overall design. They are highly respected in the business due to the focus they have for value, details, and the quality of the work they complete.

At times, building a home can be complex. However, knowledge of the best building techniques and paying attention to advances in the business make it possible. The company was started in 1985 and has continued to grow since that time. They have built homes in just about every community around the Winnipeg area.

There are several show homes in various communities that can be seen. Hilton Homes offers them to give potential buyers a chance to see what options are available. They are confident exploring such homes will give someone peace of mind and motivate them to customize their own home through this company.

Hilton Homes also has plenty of information about these homes on their website. It is easy to explore the various designs they have available. There are also tools that make it fun to explore different “what if” possibilities with the plans available. This can help the potential buyer to see how their needs can be met through this home builder.

The plans offered include many single level style homes, ranging from 1,202 sq. ft. to 1,862 sq. ft. Cabover designs offer from 1,650 sq. ft. to 1,464 sq. ft. There is also the option of a two story home with up to 2,500 sq. ft. available.

Hilton Homes is part of the Manitoba Home Builder’s Association as well as the Canadian Home Builder’s Association. As a member of the R-2000 Program, they strive to offer homes that are energy efficient. All of the homes also come with a year warranty under the New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba.

Hilton Homes Recent Reviews


We signed the contract to build the house in April 2021. 16 months since still no possession date.


We built with Hilton and moved in to our home in January 2022.

Throughout the building process, we were very frustrated multiple times with both the design process as well as the furniture/appliance store that we were given credit for. The was very poor communication throughout the entire process, as well as missed meetings and tons of disorganization.

Now that we have been living in our home for seven months, we have had a few small things requiring repairs. Our emails have gone unanswered for weeks at a time, and we have been waiting for our weather stripping to be replaced since February.

Our biggest concern is our driveway, as it is flaking off in huge chunks. It looks like it is 20 years old, yet we’ve only been leaving here for less than a year. After 14 weeks of waiting for an answer, we were told that it is salt damage and that Hilton won’t be doing anything to fix it. This is hard to believe as we never salted our driveway or walk way.

Overall, we are very dissatisfied at our experience with Hilton and would recommend using another builder.


Have to say I regretted choosing Hilton built house. Like other people said, front and back doors frozen everyday in winter, not 100% sealing, so the temperature difference between inside and outside makes doors frozen. If you build your house with Hilton, make sure to read their landscaping requirement. They only allow rock on the two side of the house and you have to sod the boulevard as well. My land is higher than my neighbor, the rocks keep falling down, hard to walk. I don’t understand that, it’s my house, my property, why should I follow their rules. And they want me to sod the boulevard, otherwise they will do it and deduct from my landscaping deposit. I phoned 311 and they sent someone here to see the boulevard, and they told me my boulevard is all good, no need to sod it again, I can tell builder I don’t need to sod as per city. I explained to Hilton but they don’t care, they still saying I need to sod it if I want my money back. The guy did the boulevard landscaping for me said it’s the first time he saw a builder requires house owner to sod boulevard. Will never recommend Hilton to anyone, it’s the worst I’ve ever known.