Qualico Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 233-2451
Address: 1 Dr David Friesen Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3X 0G8
Website: http://www.qualico.ca

Under the umbrella of Qualico Homes are several entities. All of them offer an appealing look, inspections and specifications that meet all safety standards, and plenty of personalized options for the buyer. The company realizes that the demand for single family homes has increased around the Winnipeg area over the years. They have a good reputation with suppliers as well as with customers.

They also continue to ensure only the best skilled and trained employees work for them. Offering solutions in the housing industry that are practical, affordable, and that are simple to obtain are part of their overall goals. The company continues to build on the foundation that it has in place. Here is a summary of the various entities that operate as Qualico Homes.

Broadview Homes

For over 25 years, Broadview Homes has been involved in creating homes around Manitoba, including Winnipeg. They offer plenty of homes that first the budget for first time buyers. However, they also have upgrades for those that wish to buy something with more perks or that need a larger home due to a growing family size. They have many award winning designs that help with getting the floor plans you want without any hassles.

Foxridge Homes

One of the Winnipeg home builders that has a great reputation is Foxridge Homes. They have several designs including their well-known Platinum Series. This includes a gourmet kitchen design and extra entertainment features. It also features wide open spaces and large bedrooms.

Qualico Homes

For approximately 60 years, Qualico Homes have been creating new homes around the Winnipeg area. They overall offer includes value and top quality. They feature 12 models and the homes significantly vary in square footage. The smallest are 1,403 sq. ft. with the largest being 2,072 sq. ft. There are plenty of options too that allow you to personalize your home to your specifications.

Sterling Homes

Offering some of the most elegant homes around Winnipeg is Sterling Homes. They have been around for almost 60 years and offer plenty of plans to pick from. This includes those for a small bungalow up to those that are two stories and offer close to 2,400 sq. ft. of space. The flexibility in regards to the layout, the options, and even the location give the consumer the upper hand.

Qualico Recent Reviews

It’s horrible service and warranty. Since July’2022 possession, service is horrible to fix their work. It’s totally not a custom builder. FoxRidge Homes, the custom home brand of Qualico.

In my honest experience, they did not properly insulate my basement to code – 9 years of issues with my new home build. I will never build a home with Qualico again. Seems like they just build them as quickly as they can and cut as many corners as possible to save money. When I inquired about the issues they deflected, and it may have been just to get passed the warranty period. Finally had the basement done correctly with proper insulation and haven’t had an issue since – unfortunately it cost almost $5000 out of my own pocket. The contractor I hired was absolutely shocked with the lack of quality workmanship that I invested my life savings into. Hopefully others haven’t had to go through what I have over the past 9 years.