Maric Homes Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 339-2035
Address: 2300 St Mary’s Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2N 3Z1

If you are looking for a custom builder in Winnipeg, consider Maric Homes. This company is no stranger to providing great looking homes that are well built. The business was established in 1973 by Steve and Cathie Maric. They have worked hard to create a business they can be proud of. They also work hard to offer services that help to benefit the environment. They offer homes that are beautiful, sturdy, and that have been well planned.

Today, the business is still family owned, and holds true to those early values. They are committed to being flexible for the benefit of the customer. They are also dedicated to offering the most innovative methods they can for creating amazing homes around Winnipeg in the least possible amount of time.

Many people have discovered they offer a well-rounded choice of floor plans. The fact that the home can also be customized with the design to suit your liking makes them even more enticing. Being responsible to the customer through and through is part of what they are all about. They respect the unique value of each person they work with, and go the extra mile to make sure their needs are met.

Offering quality materials, quality homes, and safe building practice is an essential part of what Maric Homes offers. Time and time again, they have earned various prestigious awards for their dedication to quality, to safety, and to their eco-friendly options. They only contract with those that have proven they have the same high standards in place.

Getting the home you want without limits is exciting, and being part of that design process is appealing. With Maric Homes, you get the personalize care and service you deserve. They take the time to find out what you want, to convey how it can be done, and to give you a price that is very good for the home of your dreams. They can work with any budget and within any specifications.

One of the features that you will love is the Design Centre. It allows you to see what a selected color or type of design will look like completed. This allows you to change your mind about it before it becomes a part of your home. It also helps to reduce any possible stress or anxiety because the consumer knows exactly what they will get from the work of Maric Homes.

The fact that Maric Homes has plenty of accreditation on various levels shouldn’t go unnoticed either. They are accredited by the Manitoba Home Builder’s Association and the Canadian Home Builder’s Association. They are also a certified Master Builder, and part of the National COR Standard. They are involved with the New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba, which offers a 5 year warranty on any homes they build. All of this adds up to a reputable company that can be trusted for your home!