Due to the variety of jobs, businesses, and new homes being created, many of the wonderful Winnipeg neighbourhoods are seeing growth. These up and coming areas have plenty to offer. This includes lovely scenery, great places to live, shopping, dining experiences, and a chance to be close to nature.

The majority of them have wonderful schools, recreational programs, and parks. They also have public transportation, making it easy to commute to other areas. One of these locations may be the ideal place for you to buy a condo or buy a home for your family. It can also be the perfect spot for you to work and rent one of the newer apartments.


The fastest growing neighbourhood in Winnipeg is Bridgwater! The current population is about 20,000. Recent developments have added new homes, condos, and apartments to this neighbourhood. There are about 8,000 homes in the area. They offer a variety of designs, sizes, and amenities. They also vary in price range.

The overall development plan for Bridgwater was actually a 20 year project. It started in 2007 but it is about 5 years ahead of schedule due to the demand for homes in this area. There are still a few projects to finish up, but almost all of the lots purchased for development now have structures on them. There are still houses being built and some land for homes to be custom built upon. There are also more stores coming in due to the great location for reaching customers.

The town centre offers about 75 acres of parks, lakes, trails, and places to explore. This is the heart of Bridgwater and very close to plenty of businesses, places to eat, and places to shop. People that live here love to go explore and spend their free time out and about. This is also a common place for people from other parts of Winnipeg to visit.

Sage Creek

The beautiful scenery that surrounds Sage Creek and the upscale homes make it an inviting place to live. The area has grown quite a bit and doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down. Many of the homes are situated around lakes and parks with trails to walk or ride bikes around them. They feature porches or balconies to make the most of the view.

There are plenty more homes and apartment buildings being completed in Sage Creek. There are also plenty of businesses and shops with an interest in being established here. The diversity in this neighbourhood is hard to miss and yet it gives it the perfect balance. You will find plenty of families here as well as working professionals.

Village Centre is the main core of Sage Creek, where you will find art galleries, shops, and wonderful places to eat. The area has many different types of professional services in this area too. For many that reside in Sage Creek, Village Centre isn’t a far walk from home and it is a short, convenient drive in a vehicle.

There are more than 60 acres of parks and public reserve areas with trails through them in Sage Creek. Many species of birds, wildlife, and flowers are scattered throughout these areas. They offer a stunning view as far as the eyes can see!

South Pointe

One of the newest Winnipeg neighbourhoods is South Pointe. The dynamics of this area are spectacular, and people are thrilled with the housing options here. It is a family-oriented location with excellent schools and plenty of parks. The great scenery and outdoor trails make it a prime location for those that love to spend time outside in their free time. There is over 5km of walking trails available!

South Pointe is also home to some great shopping centres. You can spend an entire day in some of them due to the volume of shops available and the variety of items they contain. There are places to eat a meal or grab a snack too.

This part of Winnipeg is still growing, with many lots available to have a custom home built upon. There are commercial land options too, and they can be a viable place for businesses to thrive. The University of Manitoba campus is close to the South Point neighbourhood. There are many apartments where students reside while attending the university.


A great neighbourhood outside of Winnipeg is Niverville. It is the 2nd fastest area of growth around Winnipeg at this time. New homes continue to be built in this area, and many of them are upscale luxury homes. In the last two years, over 100 new apartment units have been created to keep up with the need for housing in this neighbourhood.

An industrial park opened in Niverville in 2017 and has been very successful. It has brought plenty of jobs and people to this part of Winnipeg. They have made their home here. The parcels of land have been quickly developed to help keep up with the growth. It is exciting to see what has transformed and the plans for the next couple of years too.

On the commercial side, the growth in 2022 exploded in Niverville. This is anticipated to continue for several years. The growth is due to the demand for more businesses including services and shops. Potential business owners understand there is value in the area and they can create a profitable business opening up in Niverville.

Taylor Farm in Headingley

Just outside of Winnipeg is a couple of amazing neighbourhoods. One of them is Taylor Farm in Headingley. It is located to the West of Winnipeg, and offers a variety of opportunities. It is in a beautiful setting and it offers a quiet lifestyle for those that choose to call it home. It is ideal for those that like the idea of living in the country, yet it isn’t far at all for them to spend time in the city.
Many families like the idea of slowing down and living in a place like Taylor Farm in Headingley. There is a variety of recreational activities, fantastic schools, and plenty of diversity among the homes. Due to the large sized lots, many of the homes built here are large. There is ample room to add a nice garage or lovely porch around it. There are plenty of outdoor activities and places to explore. There are touches of nature throughout the neighbourhood and the people here respect it and live in harmony with it.

Many people commute from Taylor Farm in Headingley to work in Winnipeg. It is convenient and doesn’t take very long to get to and from the city. Some of the perks here include lower property taxes and business taxes. These are great incentives to get new businesses to the area and to encourage people to live in this neighbourhood.

West St. Paul

Another amazing neighbourhood just outside of Winnipeg is West St. Paul. Those that live here appreciate they are very close to services, shops, dining, the arts, and so much more. They get the best of both worlds -so close to the city but yet they are far enough way to take advantage of all nature has to offer in this neighbourhood.

One of the downfalls of this area is the challenges with the sewer system. It has been known for a few years it would need a new infrastructure to promote growth. Funding for that project has been found. The project will be completed soon and there are already parcels being sold for new homes and apartment units to be built.

It is believed this new sewer system will also encourage more businesses to open their doors in West St. Paul. They are relieved to discover there wasn’t a tax hike or other costs passed along to home or business owners in West St. Paul to help recoup the cost of this important project. Don’t be surprised if you see tremendous growth in this neighbourhood in the next 5 years or less!