Huntington Homes Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 949-3870
Address: 1015 Wilkes Ave #100, Winnipeg, MB R3P 2R8

The business known as Huntington Homes has its headquarters in Winnipeg. However, they do offer homes in many locations around Manitoba. The company enjoys allowing the customer to shine when it comes to the design of the home. They don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach. Instead, they allow the home creating process to be exciting and individualized. Some of the amenities they offer include a gourmet kitchen and a luxury spa tub in the bathroom.

The home of your dreams with things where you want them, the right type of carpet, and even all the right colors does make a difference. After all, your home is your castle so it stands to reason that it should offer everything you want without any compromising. The homes offered by Huntington Homes are lovely and they are very comfortable.

For more than 20 years, they have been providing excellent in every way with the homes they build. The combination of experience and dedication to quality homes is what has allowed them to stand apart from their competitors. They ability to understand and the dedication to follow the laws when it comes to home building standards is very important. You won’t find Huntington Homes taking any shortcuts in these important areas.

The company has created a great relationship with suppliers of the best materials. They are able to get some deep discounts which in turn helps them to make the home more affordable. What is it that you want from your home? Maybe you want a smaller house but more room for a garage? Maybe you have special features you would like to see in your home. The sky is the limit, so make those desires known!

Energy efficiency and materials that make your home green when possible are used by Huntington Homes. It is important to work with a builder that takes your home as well as the environment you live in into consideration for the overall structure and building of your home. Energy efficient homes also save you every single month on your utility bills, making it a very wise investment.
Quality is likely on your mind when it comes to buying a home that has been custom built for you. Huntington Homes puts your mind at ease with a very generous warranty. They aren’t afraid to stand behind everything that they build and the finished home that they have to offer you.

Huntington Homes Recent Reviews


After looking at 50+ houses and 10+ luxury custom builders, we purchased a new show home from Huntington Homes and we are very impressed with the quality and design of our new home. The best thing about Huntington is the customer service. They have gone above and beyond with addressing any issues and are extremely prompt and professional in dealing with any them. I would strongly recommend Huntington homes and especially dealing with Jillian Swan she is the best!


Disappointed that they ignored customer request , despite emails and calls. Seems very unprofessional.


We decided to build a house after looking at homes for two years and never finding one that quite met our needs. We contacted Huntington after they were recommended to us by a friend who is involved in building homes in Winnipeg. I asked him if he was going to build a home with any builder in the city who would he chose and he said not a question for sure Huntington. He had so many reasons why he would chose them that I couldn’t possibly list them all but specifically mentioned that the quality of their construction was the best.

They were amazing to work with from start to finish and even after we took possession of our home for warranty related issues. All of the employees at Huntington were always so friendly and helpful, i can’t say enough good things about all of them. From Paula who is at the front desk and helps out with a number of things along the way with your build, to Rob, Jason and Pearl who worked with us through the design process and finding a lot, Donald who dealt with our many design changes and so many other employees who were so great! Also Jillian who worked with us on our many change orders and the entire way through the building process. She was always so reassuring and quick to respond to me even when i sent the occasional crazy email :)

They took our inspiration photo of a our dream home we found online and turned it into reality, with so much attention to detail. They used quality materials and all of the trades that do work for them are amazing as well. In two rooms in our house i chose a particularly tricky tile design to work with. Their tile guy did a better job with the pattern than the photos on the tile manufacturers website!!! So impressive!