Cobblestone Homes Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 257-2904
Address: 125 Aimes Road, Winnipeg MB R3X 1V4

Cobblestone Homes claims to offer cost efficient homes in the Manitoba area. They have been in business since 2005. They offer a variety of unique and well created designs. They also offer consumers the chance to add customized touches to their homes. This ensures the details of the home are what the customer is seeking.

The staff of Cobblestone Homes is very experienced and they communicate well. They can handle the toughest of issues. They realize it is important to offer support and to answer questions every step of the way. They help customers take a vision for a home and make it a reality. They also strive to complete homes on time.

Cobblestone Homes Industry Credentials

Cobblestone Homes is a member of Manitoba Home Builders Association. They have standards in place for the quality of materials and constructions of homes in Manitoba. They make sure builders comply with codes and they engage in ethical behaviors.

They are a member of Canadian Home Builder’s Association. This organization strives to provide building codes, best practices, and other information to their members. It is a resource that helps them stay on top of the changes in technology and regulations.

Cobblestone Homes is also a member of the R-2000 Program. This is a joint effort between the Office of Energy Efficiency and the Canadian Home Builders Association.

Cobblestone Homes Recent Reviews


Cobblestone built our building in Ile des Chenes. We could not be happier with the quality of workmanship and the level of service we received throughout this process. Beyond our expectations. Would recommend to anyone!


These condos are made cheaply the furnace air-conditioned and furnace unit are junk you have to replace the whole air conditioners coil. Around a $1000.00 be aware of these builders they look beautiful but underneath oh my ! They cost you more to buy and now their value is cheaper than I paid. My furnace in the winter gets covered with ice and the interior wall that faces out on the bottom all black mold and my base board all rotten they would not replace the baseboard because warranty expired. Really, watch out people !! Don’t like this builder or business associated with it