Broadview Homes Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 813-6185
Address: 1 Dr David Friesen Dr #132, Winnipeg, MB R3X 0G8

For more than 25 years, Broadview Homes has been offering creative designs and fabulous structures around various part of Manitoba. While they are located in Calgary, they also build homes in other locations. Offering incredible customer service is a key attribute of the company.

They listen to the needs of consumers in regards to what they want for a custom built home, where there is the demand for homes to be built, and even the issue of keeping homes affordable. They offer many styles of homes, and all of the designs are viewable on their website. They also have numerous communities where they build homes and those are also listed on the website.

The website also lists the various homes built by Broadview Homes that are currently for sale. The listings are very complete including location, cost, square footage, and number of bedrooms. Such information makes it simple and fast to identify those homes that fit your personal needs and wants.

Offering customers overall value with any home is the challenge Broadview Homes is up to facing. Every home meets or exceeds the legal standards so consumers can be confident their home is safe and that it is built to last. The company uses only the finest materials and they have an excellent reputation when it comes to the home building industry. They have won numerous awards for designs, for safety, and for positive environmental influences.

Broadview Homes also takes part in various organizations that give back to communities. For example, they are part of the Paul Brandt Build it Forward campaign. This organization is dedicated to helping families that have worked hard to get out of poverty to have the home of their dreams. The families get their home, and in return they also strive to help others out of poverty to help keep the positive results moving forward.

Broadview Homes Recent Reviews


From day one, Lisa Castro was very professional and knew exactly what I wanted for our new home. She was very patient with me, went above and beyond to show me several replica of the model at various location. This make our house model selection quite easy, then I came up with lot change modifications, Lisa was there all the way providing guidance, very supportive, extremely communicative and provided prompt response to all my queries. As first time home buyer, she made the journey to our dream home a sublime one. Thank you very much Lisa for all always available, pleasant and professional. Thank you Broadview!


I worked with Lisa Castro and she was really wonderful to work with. She’s very friendly, kind and always willing to help. Lisa is an amazing realtor who will go out of her way to ensure the client is satisfied.

Broadview Homes built a very beautiful home for my family and I have no regret choosing them.


First of all I would like to thank the realtor, Lisa Castro, for the wonderful service and the help she provided during our initial stages of the home build.

Now for the actual home building process. We moved in January of 2022, without a garage door! We didn’t have a garage door for months! Considering how bad the winter was, our garage would get piles of snow inside from the storms. It was a huge inconvenience having to shovel inside the garage and the driveway and not having a safe place to park our cars during the brutal winter.

Now the whole summer passed and the exterior of our house is still not yet complete. The windows were never cleaned like it said in the building process, and we still have cement on them from the construction. The paint guys left midway and never came back to finish, leaving the garage door trim hanging as they had to remove it to paint. The paint colour we chose for our entrance door is way off from our garage door, eventhough at the design centre, we chose matching colours. And the stone never got put up.

As for the inside of the house. The installation of doors was so rushed that some of doors didn’t close at all, and it’s quite silly that the lock for the master bedroom door was on the outside rather than the inside. They came in and fixed this after a few months. Moreover, some of soft close cabinets didn’t work and there was damage on the kitchen countertop, which never got addressed.
The most concerning part is that half of our house SQUEAKS really bad from the stairs to the master bedroom and ensuite! It squeaks even worse than our old house which was built in 1976!

All my friends who’ve built homes with other builders have had great experiences, including getting free upgrades, getting exterior done on time, having a garage door installed before moving in, and no squeaks! Not a good look for Broadview Homes.

Please do yourself a favour and go with a different builder for a better experience and value.