Bridgwater is actually made up of multiple neighbourhoods. All of them are surrounded by natural beauty. This is due to the 25 acres of forest that is on the outskirts of these delightful Bridgwater neighbourhoods. Arbour Meadow Gate is the path to take when you wish to go explore the forest.

Tons of Houses

There are tons of houses in the Bridgwater neighbourhoods, offering a variety of styles for people to choose from. The designs of the homes and pricing also influence where people decide to live. Many of these homes are single family options, but there are also quite a few multi-family options. Apartments and townhouses are popular because of the demand for housing in some of the Bridgwater neighbourhoods.

Many of these homes are charming and they blend nicely with the lovely surroundings. The popular single family homes tend to be Victorian, Cape Cod, or Colonial style. The differences in colour and design offer the Bridgwater neighbourhoods a beautiful appearance with plenty of variety.

You will also notice many of these single family homes feature garages and front porches. The landscaping typically consists of green grass and plenty of trees. There are homes where everything is on one level. They are ideal for families with young children, the elderly, or those that have mobility concerns.

There are over 2,000 units in the various Bridgwater neighbourhoods. These apartments and townhouses offer a lovely place for people to reside. Some of the townhouses feature three or four units. They have garages and porches, offering a wonderful choice for someone to choose to live in.

Plenty of condos and apartments are close to the parks and offer a view of them. They are reasonably priced and spacious. You will find them available in one, two, or three bedroom units. Many of them feature a private balcony where you can enjoy your view to the fullest. Many of the apartments and condos in the Bridgwater neighbourhoods are new, they were constructed to keep up with he demand for such housing.

Bridgwater Centre

Located in the heart of Bridgwater, this is a popular place for relaxing and exploring. The amazing clock tower is a common meeting place in Bridgwater Centre for those that want to hang out with friends or family. The convenience of shopping just a few minutes walking time from where you live is exciting.

There are plenty of great businesses on both sides of the street. There is even a grocery store if you need a few things to make dinner or for baking and you don’t want to drive anywhere to grab them. There are beautiful trees, benches, and plenty of open space to relax. It is fun to leisurely stroll through the area, popping in and out of shops!

The town centre is a terrific place to balance everything you need. While you get the beauty of being close to nature, you also have the amenities of being close to town. Families love it because they enjoy small town living, but they get to experience many of the options you only find in bigger cities.

There are plenty of shops, services, and places to enjoy the scenery as you go through Bridgwater Centre. It is a common place for fun community events from time to time too. This includes live music and outdoor exhibits during the warmer time of the year.

Altea Fitness Centre

Staying healthy, getting fit, and feeling your best can be accomplished with a membership to the Altea Fitness Centre. There is a variety of exercise equipment available, providing the opportunity to customise your workout plan. There is also enough to mix it up so you don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again.

It is convenient to work out close to home; you can get to the location quickly from the various Bridgwater neighbourhoods. You can schedule a free tour of the facility to look around and decide if it is a good match for your fitness goals. They open early in the morning and stay open until late at night. This makes it easier to fit a visit into your schedule!


The most popular park here is Bridgwater Trails. It features a beautiful fountain that many people take pictures in front of. It is one of the iconic items found around the Bridgwater neighbourhoods. There are 7 large playgrounds in these areas, giving children plenty of choices for playtime. These parks are often full of families spending time together, visiting, enjoying lunch, and talking.

The parks are a great way to meet others from the Bridgwater neighbourhoods too. Playdates often take place at the various play areas or around the parks. Sports are often played on the green grass at the parks. In the summer months, some of them host outdoor concerts and vendors.


There are three lakes located around the various Bridgwater Neighbourhoods. This contributes to the lush green scenery as far as the eyes can see. There are plenty of winding paths that offer a wonderful place to walk and see the lakes.


There is over 30km of trails that take you through the trees in the Bridgwater Neighbourhoods. They are perfect for exploring, walking, jogging, and just taking in all the beauty of the area around you. It isn’t uncommon to see families out enjoying the nice weather and having fun as they walk on these trails together.


There are plenty of different types of shops around the Bridgwater neighbourhoods. You can easily find items you want for your home. You can also find clothing for the family or gifts for someone special. With the variety of shops, it is a wonderful place to explore. These stores get new items frequently, so there are also new items to look at when you decide to go out and check them out.


There is no shortage of great places to eat close to the Bridgwater neighbourhoods. Grab a coffee and a snack at a café while you are out shopping. Meet with friends for breakfast or lunch. There are also wonderful places for a family dinner or a romantic dinner for two! As you try the various locations, some of them will quickly become your favourite and you will frequently dine at those places!