Pine Creek Homes Winnipeg

Phone:(204) 654-9888
Address: 904 Redonda Street, P.O. Box 17 Grp 582 RR 5 Winnipeg, MB R2C 2Z2

This is a small family owned company that has been in the business of creating homes for the past 30 years. The company was started by Jasper and Lori Veenstra and now their two sons are also part of this growing business endeavor. Pine Creek Homes offers a full customized option for new homes. They also offer services for renovations and additions to any type of home you may have.

Part of what makes Pine Creek Homes the ideal company to work with is their attention to details. They don’t assume everyone is looking for the same thing. You will receive one on one services and you will have a say in what your dream home includes. Customers are always a big part of the exciting development of their home from the initial talks to the plans to the actual work being completed.


Very professional team and great attention to detail. Every project is top quality. I highly recommend Pine Creek Homes.