What is Life Like in Winnipeg in 2023?

If you have been thinking about relocating to Winnipeg, there are certainly plenty of opportunities! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a new job, you want to attend school, or you just need a change of scenery. It is the largest city in Manitoba. There is so much to see and do around the Winnipeg area. It could be the next place you call home!

Cost of Living

Winnipeg is considered to be one of the most affordable cities in Canada to live in. This is a very encouraging factor to think about when deciding to move to the area. Being able to find a good paying job in the area and being able to afford basic living costs as well as having money for extras is a good feeling.

The economy in Winnipeg is doing very well. There are new products, businesses, and opportunities that crop up all the time. This is a great place to live and also a place to consider starting a business. There seems to be a good drive for new places to shop, for new places to eat, and entertainment.


There are plenty of choices when it comes to housing around Winnipeg too. There are condos, apartments, and homes. There are small locations as well as larger homes to pick from. The housing market is very good. There are often homes available for sale at a reasonable price. They do move quickly on the market. There are also choices of homes for sale. It shouldn’t be too hard to find what you want in a given location, for a particular price range, and that offers the amenities you want the most.

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There is a great deal of diversity among the neighbourhoods around Winnipeg. It is important to think about what you really want and need before selecting a place to live. For example, do you have children so being close to parks and schools is important? Do you wish to live close to the city where all of the action is or along the outer edges? Exploring options here can help you to make up your mind about what is the best fit.

[imageframe style=”bottomshadow” bordercolor=”#d3d3d3″ bordersize=”2px” align=”right”]Corydon Avenue Winnipeg[/imageframe]

Corydon Avenue

This area is also known as Little Italy. This entire area is very popular due to the many shopping and dining options. There are lovely outdoor café and delightful restaurants. The summer months see more foot traffic here due to the many options. There is plenty of fun all around this part of Winnipeg. This is a must see location for anyone traveling to Winnipeg. It is also a favorite place for people that live in this area to visit on a regular basis.


This is the area between Main and Portage. The is the location that leads to the bay. This is also a common place to explore many of the history locations of Winnipeg. This includes The Manitoba Museum, Planetarium, and the Winnipeg Railway Museum. There has been a great deal of improvement in the downtown area over the past several years to make it more appealing.

Osborne Village

Osborne Village isn’t as highly populated as other areas of Winnipeg, but it continues to grow and to develop. There are more than 175 businesses here including a variety of restaurants. There will be plenty of people when you visit this area, but it is worth it for all there is to see and do. It was recently voted one of the best neighbourhoods in all of Canada.

St. Boniface

Locat3d in the Southeast of Winnipeg is St. Boniface. There are plenty of terrific landmarks here including St. Boniface Cathedral, Esplanade Riel, and the Provencher Bridge. This is also were the Le Festival du Voyageur occurs annually in February.

Exchange District

This is the historical site of the downtown area. It is a well-known location for culture and for commercial endeavors. The Manitoba Theatre and Centennial Concert Hall are also found here. Both the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and the Jazz Winnipeg Festival are held in the Exchange District each year.

West End

To the West of the Downtown area in Winnipeg is called the West End. This is a residential location that has a very diverse population in terms of ethnicity. There are lots of Thai and Indian restaurants here along Sargent and Ellice Avenues. This is the place to go for quality ethnic food. This used to be a high crime area and one of the poorest places around Winnipeg. However, significant efforts to clean it up and update it have made a huge difference. Many volunteer groups and organizations are working hard to turn it back into the beautiful neighbourhood it once was.

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There are several gay people that openly live around Winnipeg, and it doesn’t seem to be an issue. In fact, they have had an openly gay mayor and there are some gay bars. There is even a Gay Pride parade annually.

More than 100 different languages are spoken by the people that live in Winnipeg. 99% of the population speaks English with the second most common language being French. The Folklorama is an annual celebration that celebrates the diversity of the area. This is the oldest such event in the world that celebrates the multi cultures of the people residing there.

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There are plenty of types of jobs available around Winnipeg. There are quite a few factories that always have job openings. There are entry level positions in the workforce for the food service industry. There are various hotels, special events, and entertainment sectors that need employees. There are also numerous government based business elements in this area. It is easy to look online to find the types of jobs currently open and even the starting wages for them.

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This is a very good location for those considering attending college. Both the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba are excellent schools. They have plenty of diverse programs available. They also have lots of extracurricular activities for students to be involved in.

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The weather in this area changes often with the seasons. It can be extremely cold in the winter months. It can also be very warm in the summer months. There are moderate temperatures in the spring and fall. The cold winter months are typically from November through April. In spite of the cold winter, Winnipeg ranks #2 in terms of Canadian cities that have the most days of sunlight annually.

In the summer, there is often high humidity to go along with the heat. July is the hottest time of the year. The high humidity often results in evening thunderstorms and rain. Due to the climate during that part of the year, they do have a high number of mosquitoes. The end of August and early September are very comfortable months in Winnipeg in terms of the weather.

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The overall condition of the roads in Winnipeg is average. Because of the extremely changes in climate, it takes a severe toll on the roads. It is a constant battle with the city, trying to keep the roads in good working condition. There is also public transportation available including plenty of bus routes (including a new rapid transit system) and taxi cabs. There is also a major airport with numerous flights on a daily basis.

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

There are several major airlines that offer non-stop flights to and from Winnipeg from this newly built airport. It is a common location for those traveling for both business and for leisure. Getting to the airport is easy due to the many bus routes and main roads for driving. From downtown, it takes about 15 minutes to get to the airport.


[imageframe style=”bottomshadow” bordercolor=”#d3d3d3″ bordersize=”2px” align=”right”]Winnipeg Transit Bus[/imageframe]There are numerous bus routes and bus stops that make it simple to get around to the various neighbourhoods of Winnipeg. It is easy to find schedules posted at terminals. It is also easy to find schedules and routes online. To get around in the city, there are buses that will take you to the many areas. Use the Winnipeg Transit or the Handi-Transit.

The bus fare is $2.50 for adults and $2.00 for children. It is also possible to buy a pass that is unlimited for a day or to ride for an entire month. There are special buses that run on game days for the different sports events as well.

Winnipeg’s new rapid transit system also helps speed up traveling within the city. It’s initial phase goes from the downtown area, to the south west area, including the University of Manitoba. These are dedicated bus routes where the bus travels up to 80kmph.

The two bus lines are Greyhound Canada and Grey Goose that operate for travels to and from Winnipeg. Many of them go to the airport and even to areas into the United States. They can be contacted for prices and schedules. Tickets can also be purchased online.


Renting a car is possible from the airport and several local providers. Driving your own car around Winnipeg isn’t difficult. The Trans-Canada Highway will take you into the Winnipeg area. There are many roads that lead into it from different directions including U.S. Interstate 28 and Ontario Highway 17. There is a bypass to go around Winnipeg and many city streets to get through it.

The area is well marked with street names. All of the major routes also have a route number. Route 90 is commonly used, and it is referred to as Kenaston. One of the confusing parts is that some streets will change names as you go through them and become a new name. Watching the signs is very important if you aren’t familiar with getting around in Winnipeg.

There are many one way streets around Winnipeg so you have to be aware of them while navigating through the streets. There aren’t any left turns on many of the streets either. Watch out for bus only lanes on many of the streets. Parking around Winnipeg is very inexpensive compared to bigger cities, usually free or a couple of dollars per hour.


All taxi drivers in Winnipeg are required to be licensed, with ID visible to all patrons. There is a separator between the passengers and the driver as well as a video camera. A meter is in place to determine all fares. Many of the taxis are small cars but there are also mini vans available for larger groups. Taxis can be found at hotels, the airport, or one can be haled on the city streets. There are several taxi service companies and they all have phone numbers. It is possible to call and schedule a pickup.


During the warmer weather months, there are plenty of people that ride their bikes around Winnipeg. All bikes must have a rear reflector and a front light. The light on the front must be on if riding before sunrise or after sunset. Hand signals must be used to indicate turning. The use of headphones while riding a bike isn’t allowed.

Wearing a helmet is recommended, but only required for those under 18. There are plenty of bike paths around the area. A cycling map is offered online as well as from the City of Winnipeg. Riding isn’t allowed on the sidewalks. Many of the locations around Winnipeg offer bike racks for convenience. There are also such racks on many of the buses.


In many areas of Winnipeg, walking isn’t the easiest method of transportation. There are plenty of high traffic areas where it isn’t allowed to cross for pedestrian safety. There are some walkway bridges that allow people to cross in selected areas. There are also some underground concourse areas that allow for safe crossing. The Skywalk consists of 14 bridge crosses and 7 tunnels. This connects approximately 40 buildings.

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Recreational Activities

There is no shortage of wonderful recreational activities to enjoy around Winnipeg. There are plenty of festivals throughout the year that are annual events. There are also concerts and symphonies scheduled. There are museums that offer plenty of insight to the rich history of this area.

Beautiful parks are found in many parts of Winnipeg. Many of them offer sports activities, walking trails, and plenty of green grass among lovely trees. Due to the abundance of rivers in this area, fishing and other water related sports are also popular.

If you enjoy sports, there are plenty of professional teams. The Winnipeg Goldeyes is the professional baseball team. The professional hockey team is the Winnipeg Jets. They also have a professional football team, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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Museums and Art

There are some amazing items on display at the various museums and art galleries around Winnipeg. Here are just a few to check out.

Winnipeg Art Gallery

The Winnipeg art gallery opened in 1912 and it was the first civic art center in Canada. Today, it is the 6th largest in Canada. People from all over the world recognize it as one of the best. In addition to unique exhibits, they have educational programs offered on a regular basis. There are more than 24,000 art displays to see. It is located in the downtown Winnipeg area.

Manitoba Museum

The Manitoba Museum offers an inside look at the heritage and culture of the area. It features a planetarium which is a very popular attraction in Winnipeg. The science gallery is also a great attraction. During the summer, there are various day camps and family activities offered. This museum is downtown, across the street from City Hall.

Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum is a place for both fun and education. The exploration offers plenty of hands on activities. The museum changes themes and activities for the kids on a regular basis. This is also a great place to host a field trip or a birthday party. It is located at The Forks.

Western Canada Aviation Museum

There are many wonderful stories found at the Western Canada Aviation Museum. The aircrafts, the people that flew them, and many forms of early memorabilia are offered at this museum. It is a great experience for anyone interested in the world of aviation. There are plenty of interactive elements too that make it an enriched experience for children. There is also a Take Flight program for children from kindergarten to 6th grade to take part in.

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There are many parks around Winnipeg that are worth checking out. They offer a great place for family fun, relaxing, exercising, observing, and even concerts and festivals during certain times of the year. Top parks to visit include:

Assiniboine Park

[imageframe style=”bottomshadow” bordercolor=”#d3d3d3″ bordersize=”2px” align=”left”]Assiniboine Park[/imageframe] Just North of Assiniboine Forest is the well-known Assiniboine Park. It was opened in 1904 and continues to draw very large crowds. There is a zoo located here and it is also a prime area for flying kites. There is a playground, small museum, and a very large playground here as well. It is the ideal place for a family outing with lots of picnic areas.

Harbour View

For those that enjoy playing golf, Harbour View is a perfect location. It offers lush green areas and plenty of trees. It is also a recreational center with plenty of great activities for the family to enjoy. Many people that live in Winnipeg come to this location as often as they can. There are golf lessons and there are also plenty of gold tournaments held here. The location as opened in 1981 and it is well maintained.

Kildonan Park

In the North region of Winnipeg, there is Kildonan Park. During the warmer part of the year, many people come to enjoy the Olympic size swimming pool. It also has a lovely duck pond. There are places for picnics and some of them have BBQ pits. The Rainbow Stage is located at this park and can hold up to 2,600 people. There are various types of concerts and other live performances scheduled throughout the year. Children love the Witches Hut which resembles the home from the story Hansel and Gretel.

Fort Whyte

This is a fabulous recreational area in Winnipeg with so much to offer. It can be a great learning tool about plant and animal life. Many people come here to watch the geese along their migrational path annually. During the summer, there is a market here that sells fresh fruits and vegetables every Tuesday.

St. Viral Park

Along the Red River is St. Viral Park. During the winter months, it is a prime location for ice skating. During the spring and summer, it is a common place for picnics, relaxing in the sun, and even outdoor weddings. It is among the larger parts that Winnipeg offers.

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Around Winnipeg, there are quite a few landmarks that are interesting to look at. Not only do they draw in lots of tourists, but they are frequent places for those living in the area to go see on a regular basis. Some of them are also common locations for school field trips. Here are some landmarks of interest around Winnipeg:

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is the location for coin production for both Canada and over 60 locations around the world. There is a guided tour that allows the art and making coins to be seen. The is also a museum here that offers plenty of experiences including making your own souvenir coin. This is also where you can lift a bar of gold that is valued at more than $600,000!

Legislative Building

This building was erected in 1920 and is considered to be one of the best structures of all of Canada. The history that is offered here is amazing including various statues. There are both guided and self-guided tours offered during the week at no charge.

The Forks

This park is over 9 acres with plenty of walking paths along the lovely trees. There are sculptures, pictures, and a variety of artwork to show the history of this area over the past 6,000 years. There is plenty to see and to explore for people of all ages.

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There is a never ending list of fun activities for adults, for children, and for the entire family to enjoy. Winnipeg definitely has something for everyone. Check out these great places and discover first-hand what you want to return to again and again!

Fun Mountain Waterslide Park

During the warmer time of year, Fun Mountain Waterslide Park is a great place to have fun and to cool off. It is located just off of Highway #1 East. There are various waterslides for different ages and level of thrills. It is great place for lots of family fun. There is also an arcade and plenty of food.

Golf Dome

Playing golf is easy in spite of the Winnipeg weather! Golf Dome is an indoor location that makes it fun and easy to practice the game. In addition to a driving range, they also have mini golf for the family to enjoy. There is also a virtual golf game offered here. In the lounge, there are plenty of pool tables.

Springhill Winter Sports Park

Along with the colder weather, is the chance to engage in various sports. That is exactly what Springhill Winter Sports Park is all about. This is a place for skiing or snowboarding. There are slopes for all ages and all skill levels. There are also lessons offered.

Grand Prix Amusements

Fun and games to the limit are offered from Grand Prix Amusements. They offer three different Go-Kart tracks. There is mini golf and bumper boats. With five batting cages offered, there is very little waiting. The kids will enjoy the water balloon and trampoline action. There is also an arcade and an area for picnics.

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There are a couple of large casinos in Winnipeg that offer adult style fun. They have a variety of games including slot machines and poker. They also have betting on various sporting events.

[imageframe style=”bottomshadow” bordercolor=”#d3d3d3″ bordersize=”2px”]Club Regent Casino[/imageframe]

Club Regent

There is a tropical theme offered at the Club Regent Casino. There is often live entertainment offered and wonderful restaurants. There are all types of gaming activities at this location. It is open from 10 am until 3 am. Many of the hotels in the area offer free shuttle service. This is a smoke free facility.

McPhillips Station

Another great casino in Winnipeg is McPhillips Station. This is a very unique environment that takes you back to the Victorian Era, completely with the lovely chandeliers. This is also a smoke free facility with plenty of restaurants, lounges, games, and sports. It is open from 10 am until 3 am.

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Shopping Malls

It just might be possible to shop until you drop around Winnipeg! They have plenty of shopping malls that will offer everything you need. They include:

Polo Park

One of the premiere shopping locations in Winnipeg is the Polo Park shopping center. There are over 200 shops in this area. It is the largest mall in the area with plenty of diversity among the types of shops offered.

Grant Park

There are 70 shops found at Grant Park. There is also a huge movie cinema in this location. Many people like shopping here due to the unique atmosphere, food choices, and great sales.

St. Vital Centre

Featuring over 160 stores, you can spend all day getting amazing shopping deals at St. Vital Centre. This mall has been open since 1979 and has gone through various upgrades and renovations over the years to keep it looking attractive.

Kildonan Place

With about 100 stores, there is lots to explore at Kildonan Place. Kildonan Place is located on Regent ave., which also has other big box stores. It carries several known stores, including Sears, a Shoppers Drug Mart, and one of Canada’s first Target locations.

Portage Place

Variety is one of the key reasons why so many people shop at Portage Place. There unique area offers a chance to find one of a kind items as well as some of the vintage or trendy pieces that can complete any wardrobe. Once a premiere shopping mall in Winnipeg, it has gradually gone down hill over the last decade. The city is trying to put together ideas on how to revive Portage Place, but nothing has been set for the near future.

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Annual Events

Throughout the year, there are various annual events that occur in Winnipeg. One of the perks of living here is that you can make plans to attend them. If you are visiting the area, then you can try to plan your trip at a time when you can get to something that captures your interest.

Fringe Festival

[imageframe style=”bottomshadow” bordercolor=”#d3d3d3″ bordersize=”2px” align=”right”]Fringe Festival Winnipeg[/imageframe] Just about anything goes at the Fringe Festival in Winnipeg. There are many performances by independent theatres and companies. There are more than 150 companies from all over Canada that will be performing annually for the audience. It takes place at the Old Market Square, located in the Exchange District. There are kid friendly performances throughout the day as well as many hands on activities.

There is also outdoor entertainment that offers various types of music and performances. The entertainment starts daily at noon and lasts until midnight. There are also opportunities for shopping, dining, and enjoying meeting new people. Each year, there are new things added that make the festival better and better.

Festival du Voyageur

The largest winter festival in Canada is Festival du Voyageur. The entertainment offered is appropriate for the entire family. There are plenty of historical characters, sculptures made out of snow, music, dancing, and so much more. There is also delicious food that features various French and Canadian dishes.

Red River Exhibition (The Ex)

During the last few weeks of June, the annual Red River Expedition takes place. There are over 200,000 people that visit this event each year. The event features free concerts, shopping, games along the midway, and more. Each year, there are new additions to make it better and better.


The largest and longest multicultural event in the world is Folkorama. This is an event that offers plenty of entertainment and food. There are over 40 pavilions here and the two week event offers a great deal of cultural diversity.

TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival

Music is a big part of the energy around Winnipeg. The Jazz Festival offers plenty of great music including blues and jazz. There is also hip hop offered. Over 200 artists perform each year at this event. Old Market Square is the location of this event.

Comedy Festival

Laughter is the best medicine, and the appeal of the Comedy Festival is amazing. The festival has been going on for more than 15 years and it is also televised. More than 2 million people watch it each year. This is considered the highest rated of all comedy festivals.

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Night Life

After the sun goes down, there are quite a few choices of entertainment. There are plenty of clubs offering drinking, dancing, and even life music. There are some great places where the locals go as well as those that tend to attract tourists. Corydon Avenue offers plenty of late night places for food and for drinks. The Exchange District is the place to find dance clubs. For the underground scene, Osborne Village is the place to check out.

Whiskey Dix

A country style bar with a hip crowd, this multilevel club also has Winnipeg’s largest patio. There are VIP areas and there are also plenty of people to socialize with.

Shark Club

The recently built Shark Club offers a great place to hang out and to watch sports events. There are many TVs and smaller lounge areas. At night, there is plenty of music and dancing. They have a full menu of great food that brings in lots of people too. It has quickly become a hit in Winnipeg.

King’s Head Pub

Many people visit King’s Head Pub for a date night, a place to eat and have fun before a concert or sporting event, and a wonderful place to meet people. There are nights when there is live entertainment featured at this location. During the warmer times of the year, there is an outdoor patio that is opened.

Tavern United Downtown

The ultimate place in Winnipeg to watch sports events is Tavern United Downtown. It is a fun and loud place with plenty of views of your favorite events. The place tends to fill up fast so it is recommended to show up a few hours before the game you want to see starts. On Thursday nights, they have dinner and drink specials. The rooftop patio makes the Tavern a very desirable place on those warm summer nights.

Yellow Dog Tavern

Even though this is a small establishment, it is going to be one that you feel right at home in. They have a great menu of food and plenty of unique beer types available. A late night menu is offered so the Yellow Dog Tavern can be a great place to get food after you have gone to an event around Winnipeg.

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There is no shortage of options for dining around Winnipeg. They include fast food, small cafes, coffee shops, and even fine dining experiences. There are food choices for everyone and it can be fun to try new restaurants to find those that you want to frequent regularly. Thai food and sushi are very common types of food found in Winnipeg.

For fine dining consider:


One of the best steak houses and cocktail bars around is Hy’s. They have a diverse menu. They also have a very nice atmosphere.

529 Wellington (Pictured)

[imageframe style=”bottomshadow” bordercolor=”#d3d3d3″ bordersize=”2px” align=”right”] 529 Wellington Winnipeg[/imageframe] When it comes to exceptional hospitality, there isn’t any place better than 529 Wellington. The cottage like appearance is very inviting. It is located along the river and offers some great food that you won’t soon forget. Athletes and local celebrities can often be seen eating here.

Cafe Dario

Some of the best chefs around Canada are found at Café Dario. They offer a menu that has just a few items on it at a time. This allows for a delightful dining experience that is going to be quite satisfying.


A premiere Brazilian steakhouse around the Exchange District is Hermano’s. It is recommended that you make reservations so that you can get in when you would like to. With live music, this restaurant turns into a loud, Winnipeg hot spot.

Some pricey, but well worth it dining options:

Sergovia Tapas Bar

There aren’t too many tapas bars in Winnipeg. If you are interested in one, check out Sergovia Tapas Bar. They have plenty of choices and you will find that you enjoy every single visit here.

Inferno’s Bistro

Plenty of mouthwatering daily specials are offered at Inferno’s Bistro. This is considered to be one of the best placed to eat around the Winnipeg area. They offer an outdoor patio area during the warmer season. This gem can be found in St. Boniface.

Pizzeria Gusto

The wood stove used to bake the pizza is the secret to the success of Pizzeria Gusto. This isn’t your typical pizza location by any means. They also offer plenty of choices of soup, salad, and wine.

Bonfire Bistro

The wood fire option is also one that is put to use at the Bonfire Bistro. Their menu features plenty of choices for even the most picky of eaters.

Moderately priced choices:

Boon Burger

If you are looking for an organic dining experience, Boon Burger could be your favorite choice in Winnipeg. They feature vegan burgers, fresh ingredients, and a very friendly atmosphere. Boon Burger was featured on the Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here (Canada)”.

Stella’s Café

The small and inviting atmosphere at Stella’s Café may be just what you need. They also offer outdoor seating in the warmer temperatures. They have a bakery area too so you can stop in for a delicious treat and coffee.


Burgers don’t have to be bad for you! Unburger offers some gourmet choices of very healthy varieties. This can be a place to dine out when you want a break from cooking but you still want to eat well.

Cheap but delicious food!

Red Top Drive-Inn

The selection of Greek food choices is what often brings people to Red Top Drive-Inn. They also have great reviews for their crispy French fries. They service is always fast and friendly. The Red Top was another restaurant featured on the Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here (Canada)”.

Bridge Drive-In

Treating yourself to delicious tasting desserts and ice cream is a great way to indulge. One of the best places to satisfy your sweet tooth in Winnipeg is the Bridge Drive-In. They have daily specials and they will also customize orders to your specifications. This place is considered a Winnipeg treasure.

Kawaii Crepe

One of the lesser known but amazing places in Winnipeg to dine is Kawaii Crepe, located just down the street from Unburger. You can create your own crepes from the 30 fresh ingredients that they offer. There are plenty of combinations to come up with so let your imagine go wild!

Burrito Del Rio Taqueria

If you want authentic Mexican food with lots of variety, check out Burrito Del Rio Taqueria. Make sure you try the barbecue as they get top notch reviews for that particular menu item.