Trikor Builders Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 663-3818
Address: 2141-B Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R2G 1P8

One of the custom builders in the Winnipeg area that has been around for more than a decade is Trikor Builders. They uphold the very highest of standards when it comes to the materials, the building methods, and personalized service that the provide to each and every customer. They offer numerous home designs, and many of them have won awards.

The combination of working closely with the buyer, selecting only the best home designers, and working with qualified interior decorators offers a package that is outstanding. It allows each home to be individualized and to be created in a way that works for their particular lifestyle. The challenges and complexities involved in building a home aren’t too difficult for Trikor Builders to take on.

In fact, they thrive on taking the hardest obstacles and breaking them down. They are solution oriented and the sky is the limit! They will do all they can to help you save time and money. Yet they don’t shortchange you when it comes to the quality or the personal touches that have made their business such a huge success.

There are several show homes around Winnipeg that can be viewed. To schedule an appointment to see them, check out the information on their website. Several of their homes are also going to be on display with the Parade of Homes. In addition to plenty of experience, Trikor Builders belongs to the Manitoba Home Builder’s Association.

Tikor Builders Recent Reviews


Uneven concrete finishing with pooling

Poured concrete in direct contact with osb sheathing. Now rotting!

Insufficient nailing for roofing wind rating. Shingles never adhered property and blow off constantly.

No tar paper underlay on roofing

Cheapest quality doors spec’d, they freeze up terribly. Front door won’t close unless slammed shut.

Large gaps opening up on siding

Several large drywall cracks

Dozens of screw pops

Electrical conduit installed without expansion and joints pulling apart

AC unit undersized for house, runs constantly and can’t keep up.

HRV lowest grade that freezes into a block of ice in winter.

Main ducting poorly installed. Found large hole in basement return duct that was never closed off.

I could go on…


Very similar experience to Rob above- most disappointing was definitely after sales support-

Very difficult to have problems addressed in a timely manner- usually ignored outright or blown off until bringing up again and again.

Parging on front porch has been peeling off for nearly two years

Front step has a massive crack that spans the entire length of the front porch, pieces have begun to fall off, has never been fixed properly

HRV was not properly balanced and resulted in ducting freezing up, had to have another company come in to balance unit and replace all ducting

Structural Cedar beams installed on front porch of house were not on the engineer stamped blueprints, had to call an engineer who then forced Trikor to fix the beams, however we still don’t have engineer stamped blueprints that include the cedar beams

I could go on as well…


We recently bought a home from Trikor. Love the home. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Had some small concerns that were corrected in a timely manner. Overall great experience with Trikor. Would highly recommend them!