The great location of several central and downtown Winnipeg Neighbourhoods makes them prime places to reside. Each of them offers a variety of homes, condos, and apartments. The landscaping is amazing, with access to trails and the lakes. There are places to eat, shop, and explore. Many of these neighbourhoods continue to grow due to the demand for housing and the number of people interested in living in them.

These are some of the best central and downtown Winnipeg neighbourhoods to consider living in. They have low crime rates and plenty to offer. Evaluating what they offer, how far they are from our job, and other details can help you identify which of them would be the perfect place to reside in!

Exchange District

The ultimate shopping experiences are found in the Exchange District. There are plenty of places to shop for your family or to find terrific gifts. Many of these shops are unique boutiques offering items you don’t see every day.

This is also the prime part of Winnipeg to enjoy the arts and culture. There are plenty of galleries and shows in this area. There are lovely cobblestone streets in this area, giving it a charming and refreshing look.

A variety of restaurants are located in the Exchange District. They make it easy to grab something to eat or drink while you are shopping. You can also enjoy an elegant dinner before a show. The nightlife is fun here, with plenty of bars and clubs that are open until the early morning hours.

This area consists of 20 square blocks, and there are several places where you can stop and take a break along the way. The area is easy to access by car, bike, walking, or public transportation. The creativity of the Exchange District combines elements of the past with exciting concepts for the future.


One of the most diverse neighbourhoods in Winnipeg is Wolseley. There are many families that live in this area. It is also home to artists and outdoor enthusiasts. You may hear it referred to as The Granola Belt. The area is very inviting and charming, and a place many like to visit if they don’t reside there.

This area is also full of historical information and statues. A very famous woman’s activist, Nellie McClung, lived in this area from 1911 to 1914. The architecture in Wolseley offers a trip back in time. There are large cathedrals with pillars and stained glass windows.

Omand Park is one of the popular attractions in Wolseley. There are trails, a playground, a creek, and a baseball field. The park offers a chance to see many different types of wildlife, even during the daylight hours. The creek is a common place for fishing.

Some of the best places to dine in Winnipeg are found in Wolseley. They include the Tall Grass Prairie bakery and De Luca’s Specialty Foods. The Farmer’s Market is a popular attraction, offering plenty of fresh items. There are often live performances around Wolseley due to the creative talents of many that reside there.

Osbourne Village

The most densely populated neighbourhood in Winnipeg is Osbourne Village. There are almost 200 businesses in this area, offering a variety of goods and services to residents. There is a great deal of diversity among the people living in this area. Many families find it is the ideal place to work and raise their children. Business people often find enticing ventures they wish to be involved within this area.

Some of the tallest business buildings in Winnipeg are found in Osbourne Village. It gives it an iconic look and represents the growth and economic development of this neighbourhood. Many artists reside in this area, and their creativity is found all over the place. There are dancers and musicians too, offering a variety of live entertainment.

There is plenty of public transportation to and from Osbourne Village. It is a popular attraction for those that wish to shop and dine in a new part of Winnipeg. It isn’t uncommon for people to come to this area to take in a show or support someone they know that is in a performance. In the summer months, there is an event every Friday called Happy Fridays in the Village. It is a street festival with food, vendors, and a variety of live entertainment.