Even though East St. Paul isn’t technically part of Winnipeg, it is just outside of the boundaries. Within 5 minutes of leaving Winnipeg, you can be there. Many people consider it to be part of the Winnipeg Metropolitan area so that can be confusing to those that don’t live around the area but are merely visiting.

The Red River is found to the West and to the North is St. Clements. Winnipeg is South and the East is the Rural Municipality of Springfield. The area is full of plants and trees, making it a very tranquil and inviting location. There are many paths and walking trails that go along the Red River.

This area was the location of the early Red River Settlers. It was also an area for fur traders. They were able to find food and to thrive along the bands of the river. There are quite a few community activities throughout East St. Paul. They are offered all year long including indoor events and outdoor sports such as skiing. The popular Trans Canadian Trail runs through this area.

The area of East St. Paul is a low crime location. The majority of complaints stem from vehicles being broken into and bikes being taken. Paying close attention to locking things up is a way to reduce that risk.

The population of East St. Paul is about 10,000 so it is a close knit type of community. As of 2011, approximately 88% of the families in this area consist of one or two parents and at least one child under the age of 18. Approximately 82% of the population in East St. Paul speak English as their first language.

There are numerous grade schools and high schools around this area. Due to the close proximity to Winnipeg, some of the students actually go to school in Seven Oaks. The school system gets great reviews and there is a low student to teacher ratio.

There are plenty of great neighbourhoods to pick from for anyone with a desire to live in East St. Paul. These possibilities include:

Pritchard Farm

To the North is Pritchard Farm and it is considered to be one of the ideal communities around. It is the perfect scenario for anyone that wants to live away from the busy city, yet be able to reach that city very quickly when they so desire. There is a lovely park, a creek that winds through it, and many trails with plants and trees.

This is an area of ongoing development with many premium homes in the process of completion. The community is comprised of about 2,300 homes. Many of them feature the newest styles of architecture and they are large in size.

Birds Hill

To the Northeast of Winnipeg is the neighbourhood of Birds Hill. The municipal offices are found here and there is a river that flows through it. The area is named after Doctor Curtis James Bird. Part of this area sits on a hill and it overlooks the rest of it. This particular hill has historical value as it is believed to have formed during the last Ice Age. These hills are also believed to be locations where natives and settlers went to find shelter when the Red River valley area was flooding.

The homes found in the Birds Hill area are some of the most expensive in East St. Paul. New developments continue to result in this area expanding both for residential homes and commercial entities. There are currently close to 600 homes in this area. The plaza close to Birds Hill Rod offers plenty of upscale shopping options. This location is also home to the Birds Hill Provincial Park. It offers horses for rent to take on the trails, biking paths, and a campground. Harbour View Golf Course is also found here.

For those that have the money to spend with ease, East St. Paul can be a solution to consider. The other upper class area with higher priced homes to look at is Tuxedo. Homes in this particular as cost from $500,000 to $1,570,000.