Some of the most important events around Canada have taken place in the Seven Oaks area. This part of Winnipeg was one of the earliest permanent settlements of the Europeans. The Selkirk Settlers are believed to have arrived here between 1812 and 1813. This area is also part of the well-known Scotia Street area. The Battle of Seven Oaks occurred in this location in 1816. This changed the course of history for Canada. It is often referred to as the Birth of the Metis Nation.

Most of the people living in this area today speak English (92%) and many of them also speak French. There is plenty of diversity here with most of the people being Filipino. This area also has a high Asian and African American population. The area of Winnipeg known as Seven Oaks has a low crime rate. The area doesn’t seem to have issues with violent crimes.

There are plenty of community involvement programs and law enforcement around to help deter the problems. The rate of crimes reported has been on the decline for the past decade which is very good news. There are numerous grade schools, middle schools, and high schools in this area. They get high marks for the overall achievement of students based on testing and overall curriculums.

One of the most remarkable areas of Winnipeg is Kildonan Park. It was opened in 1911and there continues to be upgrades to it on a regular basis. The area is a favorite among tourists as well as those that live in Seven Oaks as well as surrounding locations of Winnipeg. It features a lovely flower garden, many paths, and a public swimming pool. It also offers live theatre presentations at the Rainbow Stage.

Seven Oaks is on the North Edge of Winnipeg. There are quite a few neighbourhoods around this area to consider. They include:

Amber Trails

There are approximately 2,400 homes in the Amber Trails neighbourhood of Seven Oaks. It is located in the North. It features plenty of parks, trails, and three lakes that are man-made. There is plenty of lovely landscaping all around. There are plenty of paths that make it simple to get to the various parks and lakes. It is well laid out and has a very comforting feel surrounding it.

Garden City

One the major parts of Seven Oaks is Garden City. It was developed in the 1950s and 1960s. This neighbourhood is found along the North part of Winnipeg. There are about 3,600 homes here as well as plenty of apartments and shopping centres. This includes Garden City Mall, Northgate Mall, and Templeton Square.

This is also a neighbourhood that features a great deal of commercial property and parks. The area continues to grow and there are new homes around Parkway Village. The Garden City Community Centre and Soccer Complex is also here. There are both indoor and outdoor activities featured here all year long.

This particular neighbourhood is only a couple of minutes from Kildonan Park which also features various activities. In them summer, there is a huge swimming pool. In the winter there is an outdoor skating rink. Kildonan Park Golf Course is also very close with the Kildonan Yacht Club right across the river.


The neighbourhood of Riverbend didn’t develop as quickly as other portions of Seven Oaks. Many of the homes there were built in the 1980s. As the need for homes has increased, there has been new construction. There have been plenty of homes added since 2000. This area is about 15 minutes from downtown. There are approximately 1,725 homes at this time. Red River Community Centre is found here which offers both indoor and outdoor activities. There is also a skateboard park next to it.


Found in the Northwest region is Jefferson. It is older and it offers home that were built in the 1950s. The area offers plenty of apartments as well retail property. There are several blocks of small stores that are mainly locally owned. The area hasn’t grown much but it is a quiet and comfortable community.

Rosser-Old Kildonan

North of the City of Winnipeg is an area called Rosser-Old Kildonan. This area is mainly agricultural. However, there are homes that are along the North side of Murray Avenue, Balgona Road, and McPhillips Street.


The Northwest area of Winnipeg is where Maples is found in Seven Oaks. For over 20 years this area has been in the process of new developments. This includes new homes being found that offer plenty of options. There are many homes for rent in Maples for those that aren’t ready to buy a home yet. There are also luxurious condos, senior facilities, and cute bungalows in addition to family homes. There are approximately 5,300 homes in this area.


An area that developed in the 1980s is Templeton-Sinclair. There has been plenty of construction of newer homes over the years here as well. One of them was the introduction of 136 homes in the Jack Donner Drive area. In addition to homes, they have also created more parks and play areas to make it a family oriented location. There is plenty of commercial property and a large shopping centre found in Templeton-Sinclair.

West Kildonan Industrial

In the early 1980s, West Kildonan Industrial area began to grow. The area still contains a very old cemetery that was opened in 1910. This is also the location where 70% of the waste water for Winnipeg is processed. Due to the growing industrialization, there has been growth in the number of houses, apartments, and condos in this part of Seven Oaks.

Mandalay West

The residential community called Mandalay West is to the North. The homes here are mainly single family oriented. Most of them were created in the 1980s. This area has also grown to include various schools, shops, and retail businesses. It also has many recreational facilities that make it attractive.


One of the older neighbourhoods of Seven Oaks is Rivergrove. Many of the early Selkirk Settlers came to this area of Winnipeg in 1812 and 1813. The development of the area was very slow and remained mostly farm land for decades. Today, there is more residential property and there are also condos on the North end. There are various trailer parks as well.

Due to many of the homes here being along the North development of River Ridge, they are in high demand. This is the last phase of the building development of Rivergrove at this point in time. This is due to agreements in place that preserve various areas of the land for the environment.

Margaret Park

A small but significant area is called Margaret Park. It is in the Northwest. There is commercial property found around Main Street. There is also a recreational centre named after Vince Leah who was a sports writer from Winnipeg. There are many older homes in this area that date back to the early 1960s. There is also a cemetery that was established in the 1900s.

Leila North

To the Northwest is Leila North, and the majority of this area is farm land. There are some small neighbourhoods and commercial elements found around McPhillips Street. One of the newer parts is called Aspen Meadows. This features gated condos that were created in 2005.

The homes around Seven Oaks vary in price from $380,000 to $899,000. It depends on the neighbourhood, type of home, and the amenities that it offers. This part of Winnipeg is considered to be very inviting and comfortable to reside in.