What is FairSquare Realty?

fairsquare realty winnipeg

FairSquare Realty is a remarkable entity, dedicated to helping get property sold in less time. The name is new, but the business isn’t. It used to be known as Purple Bricks. This is a brokerage company that is motivated to help you get your property sold for the best possible price. They offer services in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Canadians interested in selling property but worried about the high fees of a realtor are often interested in another solution. Working with FairSquare Realty, more of what you get from the sale of your property remains in your own pocket. Working closely with real estate professionals ensures you can save time, avoid common mistakes, and get your property sold in the least amount of time.

Who Owns FairSquare Realty?

Purple Bricks was rebranded as FairSquare Realty. It is owned by Desjardins Group. There are currently about 200 employees. All agents are members of the Canadian Real Estate Association and they are fully accredited.

FairSquare Winnipeg Vs. Realtor

One of the huge differences between FairSquare Winnipeg and a realtor is the cost involved. The price is known upfront for the services. The cost is a flat rate, the same for each property. A realtor bases fees on the selling price of the property, a percentage of it. There can be a huge difference in the cost based on the selling price of the home.

The agents with FairSquare Realty are either on the buying or selling end of homes, not both. They work in the field with the buyers or sellers, spending very little time in the office. They love being out there working with people to help them find the home of their dreams or to help them sell a property they no longer wish to own.

FairSquare Houses for Sale

Potential buyers look at the websites all the time to see FairSquare houses for sale. When your home is listed there, it will get plenty of exposure. Potential buyers can look by new listings, location, price, bedrooms, square footage, and other filters. This helps them find homes that match their criteria.

FairSquare Cons

Some buyers are wary to work through FairSquare Realty. This is because they aren’t familiar with how it works. They aren’t on board with it because they want to work with a traditional real estate agent.

The agent assigned to you will work with you and create your strategy for selling. The appraisal has to be done first, to confirm the value of the home. Some sellers aren’t thrilled with someone else having complete control over how their home will be presented and marketed.

FairSquare Pros

There are many positive elements when you work with FairSquare Realty. They include:

  • Experts that know the real estate business inside and out
  • Motivated to help you sell your property
  • Effective marketing to promote your property
  • Scheduled showings
  • Complete all necessary paperwork
  • Hassle free experience
  • Save time


When you work with anyone from FairSquare Realty, you get access to an expert. They will guide you, answer questions, and help you make important decisions. Selling a home is a huge endeavour, and one that may be brand new to you. With their help, you can avoid mistakes that will cost you time and/or money.

Motivated to Help you Sell your Property

These experts love what they do and the connection they play a role in. They are motivated to help you sell your property. At the same time, they can help you price it right based on the market and other variables. They can help you review offers to determine what you should accept, what you should counteroffer, and what you should decline.

Effective Marketing to Promote your Property

More than 1.8 million visits every single month are part of the marketing with FairSquare Realty. They will take photos and videos, allowing those interested in buying a home to see what is available online. It isn’t uncommon for people to start their search online. They love looking at images, comparing prices, and investigating the neighbourhoods. They can do so at a time that is convenient for them rather than trying to visit all those spots in person.

Scheduled Showings

When a potential homebuyer sees something, they are very interested in, they can schedule a showing. All of this is done for you through FairSquare Realty, ensuring it is convenient for them and for you. Potential homebuyers can reach out to talk to an agent at any time if they have questions or special requests.

Complete all Necessary Paperwork

The amount of paperwork involved with selling property is unbelievable! There are lengthy contracts to review and create. When you work with FairSquare Realty, they will do all of this for you. They will review all offers and give you input about them. They will take care of negotiations on your behalf too.

Hassle Free Experience

When you decide to sell your property, it should be a hassle free experience. That is what you will find with FairSquare Realty. You won’t be trying to juggle all of this on top of your day to day schedule and responsibilities. You may be looking for another home to buy, and your focus is on that.

Save Time

Trying to sell a home on your own can quickly become a full time job! There is so much to do to get it ready. It is hard to market on your own because you don’t have the level of exposure you need. With FairSquare Reality, they have websites where homes are listed. They have potential buyers looking at those listings all the time.

Scheduling showings can be hard when lots of people are interested in your home. The paperwork can be a nightmare to get through. Save yourself the time and the stress of all of it, let someone with experience and a desire to work with real estate handle it all on your behalf!