The area of Manitoba known as Assiniboine South is about 7 kilometers Southwest of the downtown area. To the North is the Assiniboine River and to the West is the Assiniboine Park and Forest. English and French are both spoken in this part of Winnipeg.

Most of the families that live in this area are middle class or higher. They often work in the education or business sector. The majority of the residents speak English but there are also many that speak French. The crime rate is quite low in this part of Assiniboine South and there are always plenty of events and attractions so no one is going to be bored living here.

There are several schools offered here, and they fall into two different districts. There is the Winnipeg School District #1 and the Assiniboine South School District. There are 11 grade schools and 3 secondary schools in Assiniboine South. There is also the Asper Jewish Community College Campus.

There is no denying that Assiniboine Park is one of the landmark elements of this entire part of Winnipeg. It is very unique and well preserved, with virtually very little housing found around it. The area offers access to Assiniboine Forest from Roblin Boulevard or Corydon Avenue. The Tuxedo Golf Course is found here.

This is one of the oldest parks of Winnipeg, and one of the most visited. It is a common destination for those that live in this location. It is also a common spot for visitors and one of the must visit items on their agenda. There is a zoo and many other activities featured within this park.

There are plenty of upscale boutiques found along Academy Road. There is also a large shopping centre at Tuxedo Park. A short driving distance is Grant Park Shopping Centre. A common attraction here is the Assiniboine Park and Zoo. There are three highly recommended golf courses in Assiniboine South.

Picking a neighbourhood to live in depends on the amount to spend on a home, the type of home, and other amenities. Some of these locations have older homes that are very lovely and attractive. There are also those that feature newer homes or even the chance to buy land and custom build the time of home you would like to have on it. Here is a look at some of the choice of neighbourhoods in Assiniboine South:


Being in close proximity to the Assiniboine Forest is Elmhurst. This neighbourhood has plenty of newer homes available. They start at around $480,000. Along Grant Avenue you will find condos and apartments. There are also areas for seniors found along Cathcart Street. The big attraction in this area is the Elmhurst Golf and Country Club. It is a place for frequent socialization, golf tournaments, they have a fantastic restaurant, and it is a place to relax.


One of the main neighbourhoods of Assiniboine South is Charleswood. The rural feel of it is appealing and it draws people to this location. The area is designed with pockets here and there and there are still open areas between them. There are some large lots here for sale that would be ideal for building the home of your dreams. There are over 8,000 homes in this part of Assiniboine South.

Many residents choose this particular area to live in because it offers three community centres. All of them offer both indoor and outdoor activities. This makes it possible to take part in events all year long.


The area of Tuxedo is also considered to be a main neighbourhood here. It is considered to be one of the upper class locations. It is to the Southwest of the downtown area. It is between Assiniboine Forest and Kenaston. One of the great features in this neighbourhood is Heubach Park. There are plenty of outstanding homes, especially those found along Park Boulevard.

The most prominent property values of Winnipeg are typically found in this location. Being so close to many of the parks and the streetcars made it a wonderful area to live in. There are older homes that have maintained their beauty and value. There is also newer homes and ongoing construction here. There are currently about 1,500 homes here.

Eric Coy

One of the historical people of the area is Eric Coy. He was a great track and field participant and was part of the 1948 London Olympic Games for the Canadian Track and Field Team. He is also in the Canadian Hall of Fame. In 1970 this area was named in his honor. While most of it is commercial property, there are some areas to the West that have recently been developed for housing.

This is a small location with only about 3,000 residents. Approximately 83% of the residents in this part of Assinboine South are married. The remainder are single people or single parent families. 81% of the people living here have at least one adult in the household that works. The remainder are receiving government assistance or they are retired.


There are various single family homes in the Betsworth area. Most of them were built in the 1970s and 1980s. There is also commercial property available here along Roblin Boulevard. It is possible that there will be more homes built in this area in the near future. There have been some land surveys taking place.

This is a very charming and comfortable place to reside. It is considered to be a middle class working neighbourhood. There are some higher priced homes found in smaller sectors of this part of Assiniboine South.


One of the smaller neighbourhoods of Assiniboine South is Edgeland. It was developed in 1912 and it hasn’t expanded much at all since then. There are plenty of apartments found around Kenaston Boulevard and up to Tuxedo Avenue. There is also a large shopping centre here.

Ridgewood South

Many of the modern homes in the part known as Ridgewood South were built in the 1960s and 1970s. The Harte Trail is the longest trail in Winnipeg and it runs into the Trans Canada Trail along the North boarder. This is also the area where you will find Marj Edey Park which is a very large recreational complex.

There are about 800 acres of vacate land that is owned by a variety of individuals and businesses. There are some plans in the works to create new homes, trails, and recreational elements on some of that land. The Ridgewood Precinct Plan details what will be incorporated over the next 10 years.

Buying a home in the Assiniboine South area isn’t cheap by any means! The average home here costs around $899,000 and many of them are more than $1,300,000. However, there are also those in some neighbourhoods that are in the $480,000 area. For those that can afford to live in an upper class part of Winnipeg though, this is certainly an area worth considering. The most expensive homes are often found in the Tuxedo neighbourhood.