Hallmark Homes Winnipeg (Ladco)

Phone: (204) 982-5900
Address: 200-40 Lakewood Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R2J 2M7
Website: http://www.ladco.mb.ca

Hallmark Homes believes in offering five pillars to each of their customers when it comes to a new home. Communication is the key to ensuring all goes according to plan. It can take two years from questions and planning to the home being ready. During that time you will have someone to talk with at any point.

The customer is always in control of what is taking place. They get to make the decisions about their home. That is the way it should be as they are the one paying for it and living in it. Yet the customer isn’t’ alone, it is a collaboration with the company to guide and to complete what needs to be done.

Clarity is always in place so everyone knows what to expect, how to expect it, and when to expect it. Finally, the dedication Hallmark Homes has to competence. They only get supplies from trusted companies. They only hire those with the right skills to get the job done. They also stay on top of all safety and compliance concerns within the home building industry.

Hallmark Homes Industry Credentials

Hallmark Homes is a member of Manitoba Home Builders Association. They make sure businesses in this industry aren’t violating any rules or codes. They are diligent in evaluating materials, methods, and equipment. The result is consumers get a great looking home from a business they can trust.

They are also a member of the Canadian Home Builders Association. This entity provides services and resources to builders. They are a one stop place of information to help them provide the best possible services to their customers. Hallmark Homes is part of the R-2000 project which strives for environmental friendly building.