Kensington Homes Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 224-4243
Address: 1 Dr David Friesen Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3X 0G8

You don’t have to look far to find a quality home builder in Winnipeg. Kensington Homes is well known for the overall value they bring to such an important project. The company has been in business for more than 40 years. The always strive to provide the very best overall experience for every single customer. They also focus on safety so that means your home will be built to last.

A great deal of planning and detail is put into motion before any home is created. They offer plenty of floor plans and you have the freedom to make modifications to your liking. There is also the option to create your own home design from start to finish.

The design centre on their website allows you to look at plenty of great options including those that are new and some that are contemporary. You can see how different colors or layouts would influence the overall look of a home from the inside out. This is a fun feature that allows you to explore options before you come up with a concrete plan of action.

You never have to feel rushed about how your home will be designed or worry that you won’t like the outcome when you use this feature to get things moving forward. There are also plenty of show homes around Winnipeg that can be scheduled for you to view. This allows you determine what design is really right for you.

Of course there is always one on one help available for you too so that you get the results you are looking for. Kensington Homes has the best people in place with skills that will help you get it all accomplished. You have the freedom to ask questions, to give your input, and they will really listen to what you want. You are in control over all of it, and you will never feel rushed or pushed into making any type of commitment.

Kensington Homes offers some houses out there that are ready to be moved into. If you are interested in one of them, check out their website. There are locations all over Winnipeg where they have ready to move into homes as well as land available for the home of your dreams to be established.

In addition to being a Certified Master Builder, Kensington Homes is also COR Safety Certified. They are members of both the Manitoba Home Builder’s Association & the Canadian Home Builder’s Association. Since they belong to the National Home Warranty Program of Manitoba, there is a 5 year warranty on all of the homes they build.

Kensington Recent Reviews


Very poor Customer service and non responsiveness from every level of interaction. So surprised to see rough attitudes some point of time when you ask about the pending works. It was never expected from Kensington homes. Never recommend Kensington Homes. I would like to add few photos of my drive way. it happened within 4 months of installation and last two years i am following up with kensington homes but they are least bothered to make a reply. Very careful when you deal with this builder once the sale is done the don’t even care about anythings and very very poor communication from them.


Not very excited with our overall experience. We purchased a single family and it was pending exterior work (stucco / paint / soil leveling / window clean etc) and garage added to the offer to be built. The concrete slab for the garage was already there so they promised the garage for possession, however to avoid any issues with construction we later agreed to have the garage built in the spring. We had some minor issues (with a few pending repair) and Donna with the warranty dpt was very helpful, however the rest of the team didn’t do a very good job at communicating with us. It took them several months to complete the garage and exterior work. I’m not very happy with the overall experience, when it comes time to upgrade to another home in the future we will go with another builder. Make sure to get clear and formal dates on any work that is agreed with Kensington. Ps if they installed your AC unit, make sure to check terms and conditions of the warranty and ask for a copy of the invoice, their contractor – Reliance Superior is horrible.


Excited for our home to be finished. So far, smooth and pleasant experience with Kensington.

Update to my review:
It has been a year since we moved in, the land grading inspection was never done. We still do not have a grading certificate and this has caused delays in landscaping work. We were not able to enjoy our summer in the backyard and we worry that the grading done won’t serve its purpose.
The sales rep also did not ask us about having a ledger board for the deck. We did not know about it and has now cost us $500 for an alternative. Also, the bump on our vinyl floor is still here. So far very disappointed with Kensington.