The area of Winnipeg known as Transcona was developed for the railways. In 2012, the Transcona Centennial Square was unveiled as a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the area. This includes murals. There is also the Transcona Historical Museum found here. The area has plenty of green grass, trees, and plans. It has been nicknamed The Park City due to the many recreational areas and outdoor scenic locations it provides.

There are 13 schools in the area of Transcona. 7 of them are elementary schools, 2 of them are junior high schools, 3 are high schools, and 1 of them is a junior high and high school mix. There are a couple of Christian schools that offer all grades. There is also a French Immersion school called the College Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau.

The crime rate reported around Transcona is very low compared to other areas of Winnipeg. The crime rate has continued to drop over time too. For many people, this is a key reason why they move to the area and why they stay for a very long time. They enjoy the area and they like the feeling of both safety and community that come with it.

Over 75% of the households that live in Transcona consist of at least one adult that works at least part time. The ultimate place for shopping around Transcona is Kildonan Place shopping mall. There are various retail stores, most of them locally owned, scattered around this part of Winnipeg. There are various community clubs and indoor arenas located in this area. They offer activities all year long.

There is a wide variety of neighbourhoods around Transcona that a person can pick from. Some of them to take a look at include:

Mission Gardens

One of the newer areas here is Mission Gardens. There are around1,100 homes found in this location. Many of them are part of cul de sac design. There are plenty of modern looking homes in this area for a reasonable price.

Lakeside Meadows

There are a small number of homes around Lakeside Meadows. These are upper priced homes and offer plenty of luxuries. This area also offers plenty of condos and apartments for reasonable prices. The location is attractive due to the lower population, newer structures, and the fast access to several of the parks around the neighbourhood.

Kildonan Green

The addition of Kildonan Green around Transcona was a carefully calculated development. There is a 6 acre park here with homes built around it. The idea is to create a small and close knit community from the prospects available.

There are apartments here that are for those over the age of 55 only. They offer a quiet and complete community. This is perfect for an older individual that wants to have some independence but at the same time they want to be able to socialize and get help with various tasks.

Kildonan Meadows

Another of the newer additions is Kildonan Meadows. There are approximately 800 homes found here. When homes in this location come on the market, they often sell very quickly. There is a huge park here that also has a dog run. It is an ideal place for relaxing, for picnics, and even for getting daily exercise.

Kern Park

Many of the homes found around Kern Park are older, being built prior to the 1920s. At the ends of the streets are some additional homes that were built after World War II. In the middle of the area is Park Circle and it is one of the landmarks of Transcona.


The area of Transcona known as Griffin was developed in the later part of the 1950s. In addition to homes, this is also the location for many of the key manufacturers of the area. Many of them have been around for more than 50 years. Many of these homes were offered on the market in 2009 when several of the major employers laid off high numbers of their workers.


For those looking for modest homes, Radisson may be the ideal neighbourhood of Transcona. There are also plenty of parks, schools, clubs, and more in this area. It is one that often attracts families with young children and first time home buyers.

Victoria West

Many people think of Victoria West as a commercial area, and they are correct. However, there are more residential options here than many realize. There are two sections of it – the one to the East features the older homes. To the West, the subdivisions that were built in the 1950s are displayed. There are plenty of parks and churches in this location.

Canterbury Park

Development for the area known as Canterbury Park began in the early part of the 1970s. In addition to residential homes, it also features plenty of commercial property used for business and for offices. Several of the schools are located in this area and there are various parks. This part of Transcona is considered to be very family oriented and very safe. Within 15 minutes it is possible to reach shopping areas, professional services, and medical services. There are also a couple of popular golf courses here.


The main street of Transcona Regent. This is a very busy commercial area with small retail stores, large shopping malls, and plenty of offices. This is also where the casino called Club Regent is located.

The average cost of homes around Transcona is $286,000. However, it depends on the actual neighbourhood and the type of home. Some of them are up to $650,000. There is also a great deal of undeveloped land that may be used for subdivisions in the future. However, there is still a great deal of red tape that has to be gone through. The developments can’t interfere with the land that has been allocated for natural resources.