Prego Builders Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 661-6325
Address: 3360 Raleigh St, East St Paul, MB R2E 1J1

Prego Builders is a custom home creator. They offer numerous designs so you can pick what you really want. They also have a variety of basic or elegant plans to help you get what fits your budget and your personal taste. Just about anything within a plan they offer can be customized to fit what you want.

Prego Builders is happy to provide customers with a personalized experience. They will take the time to explain to you what it is all about and answer any questions. There is no heavy sales pitch. Just people who care, listen, and have the expertise it takes for home building to be a success.

Prego Builders Industry Credentials

As part of the Manitoba Home Builders Association, Prego Builders is up to speed on technology, safety, and compliance issues. Prego Builders is part of the Certificate of Recognition Program (COR). This program verifies they have what it takes to offer safety and quality all of their building efforts. They are committed to overall safety on site from start to finish.

Prego Builders is also R-2000 certified. This means they offer energy efficient homes that meet or exceed the standards for environmental care and air quality. They also meet all of the Canadian building code requirements on every level.

Prego Builders Recent Reviews


Tony built our dream home 17 years ago. It was absolutely beautiful and well built. Unfortunately two years ago, we had a fire that destroyed the home. Through insurance, we were hoping to have him rebuild. There was some miscommunication between us and he decided he did not want to deal with insurance “red tape” We had to hire another builder. It has been a nightmare since. I would recommend Prego (and I have) to anyone. Our experience with him on our first home was unbeatable.


We bought our Prego built home from the original owners in East St Paul.

Right away, we could tell the quality in the build. After living in the home for a year, we decided we wanted to put a full addition (sun room) to our home. Due to the fact that the home was solidly built we hired Prego to put on the addition. Working with Tony from Prego was seamless, very easy to work with, the addition and our home is well built, and exactly what we had in mind.

We would recommend his work to our family and friends.


I purchased a showhome on Oliver St. In East St Paul from this builder!

The very worst New home experience one could possibly have! The purchase agreement included stipulations on having a driveway installed including specifications reguarding how thick gravel base and concrete pad etc. This was not done as he refused to do it in the presence of someone i arranged to ensure the specs be met! Then we did walkthrough for warrenty work.

There were countertop issues! These were a quickfix that lasted a month and never addressed again!

There were voids in sprayfoam insulation in basement. These were actually fixed even if it was just a guy with 2 cans of expand foam!!

There were cracked tiles and grout issues! NOT FIXED! The guy replaced a couple tiles but not all!

He used grout that didn’t match the existing grout! Total mess!

Hardwood seperating issue! NOT FIXED! Against one wall, there are 1/4 inch gaps in the hardwood where it is seperating! This was pointed out in the walkthrough and no attempt was made to fix!

There was several cracks where drywall taping had to be fixed and repainting had to be done! NOT FIXED! No attempt to return or arrange a return to fix this was made by this builder!
This is the most unprofessional person i have ever dealt with. Avoid at all cost!

This is from a real customer obviousely of no relation to builder