There are several wealthy neighbourhoods around the Winnipeg area. Each of them has plenty to offer for those that wish to reside within them. They are also close to great places to eat, shop, parks, and lovely trees. The forest isn’t far and you can see it in the distance. There are also paths that make it possible to walk through it and enjoy it.

Each of these richest neighbourhoods in Winnipeg have has unique homes, plenty of apartments and condos, and beautiful options. They are fun places to live, giving the perfect balance between city life and the elements of nature all rolled into one. The richest neighbourhoods include:

  • Tuxedo
  • Bridgwater
  • Wellington Cres


Defined as a classy suburb, Tuxedo offers a quiet and amazing place to live! There is a footbridge that connects it with Assiniboine Park. This is open all year long, and it is a common place for people to explore, especially as the seasons are changing. There is a shopping mall here where lots of people go shopping and hang out.

Many people enjoy the lower traffic that flows through Tuxedo. They don’t mind commuting to work so that they can live in a place where live slows down. There are many species of trees found here. The walking paths are a prime attraction and you will see people out walking them in all weather conditions.

It takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach downtown Winnipeg from Tuxedo, depending on traffic. It isn’t uncommon for many that live in this area to carpool as there isn’t much public transportation offered to and from the city.

About 85% of people living in Tuxedo are buying their homes. The majority of them are single family homes with 3 or more bedrooms. When homes go on the market in this rich neighbourhood of Winnipeg, they often sell quickly. There are many people interested in living in this area.

There is plenty of variety with the small boutiques and places to dine in Tuxedo. If you are interested in larger stores, they are located at the South end of town. This is also the place to visit if you have a love of art or the theatre. The Tuxedo Golf Course is a popular place for fun and business deals to take place.


One of the exciting, rich neighbourhoods to live in Winnipeg is Bridgewater. There are several lakes, parks, and amazing shopping. All of it is within walking distance. There are homes of various sizes and designs, giving the area a charming and impressive appearance. There are also numerous upscale apartments and condos in Bridgwater.

The parks are very popular here, offering people a view they fall in love with. Bridgwater provides plenty of places to walk and see the trees, the water, and the lush green grass. It is a quiet neighbourhood with a focus on physical activities. It isn’t uncommon to see people outdoors enjoying their day.

Homes can be expensive in the Bridgwater neighbourhood due to the demand for them. Most are single family homes. In recent years, various apartment buildings and townhouses have been built to keep up with the growing demand for housing in this area. Many of the homes feature at least 3 bedrooms, a 2 car garage, and a full front porch.

Over half of the homes in Bridgwater have one level, making them a good choice for those that have mobility issues. They are also selected by families with children and by the elderly to make getting around easier. Few neighbourhoods have this volume of visitable designs in their homes.

Wellington Cres

The Wellington Cres area is known for the beautiful homes here and the low crime rate. People feel safe in this area, and they love to explore all the nature around them. The population is low in this neighbourhood, and people tend to know each other well. They watch out for each other too, making it a tight-knit community to reside in.

The homes in this area are very unique, but many of them are older Victorian styles. They have been updated inside so they don’t appear old. Each of them has an opportunity to be the ideal home for a family. Wellington Cres has some uniquely shaped apartments and condos too that get attention. For example, the hexagon shaped apartment building on Donald Street!

There are numerous shops around the Wellington Cres neighbourhood. Many of them offer one of a kind items. They are ideal for shopping when you want something unique for yourself or to give to someone as a gift. Window shopping as you stroll through this area is a common way to spend time.

There are various cafes and restaurants in the Wellington Cres neighbourhood. Many of them offering dinner are upscale and require a reservation. Homes aren’t cheap in this area, and the majority of them are owned by married couples. People tend to stay in this neighbourhood for a very long time too.

Richest Neighbourhoods Near Winnipeg

There are some rich neighbourhoods close to Winnipeg worth mentioning too. They are delightful areas with amazing homes. They are filled with hard working people interested in a beautiful place they can call home. These neighbourhoods include:

  • Headingley
  • East St. Paul
  • West St. Paul


Located about 2 miles from the city is Headingley. It is a rich area, with some prestigious people residing here. You may notice the abundance of businesses in Headingley. The reason for this is to save money, in addition to the great opportunities the business can offer for customers there. Since there is no business or residential tax in this neighbourhood, opening a business here is enticing!

There are plans in place to create more homes and apartments in Headingley in the next couple of years. Some of them include large subdivisions. The demand for housing here has grown. Homes for sale don’t stay on the market very long. Apartments often have a waiting list of people interested in moving there. It is considered to be the fastest growing area of Winnipeg right now!

This area is so close to the city that the commute is something most residents don’t think twice about! There are several shops, places to eat, and parks around the Headingley neighbourhood.

here are a couple of large shopping centres where you can easily spend an entire day just going into all of them. The Golf Course and Softball Complex attract plenty of people interested in being involved in these sports.

East St. Paul

A wealthy metropolitan area of Winnipeg is known as East St. Paul. While this is a rich area, many of the people living here are immigrants. They have come to the area for work opportunities and made a very good life for their families. There are three recreation areas in this neighbourhood, and they tend to be busy all the time. They offer a variety of sports and activities for children and adults to be a part of.

Many of the homes in East St. Paul are larger homes, offering multiple bedrooms and bathrooms in them. The designs vary, giving the neighbourhood a unique and personalised touch. Many of the shopping areas are small and places to find unique items. There is a decent sized shopping mall there too with a variety of shops.

There are plenty of great places to eat around East St. Paul. Some of them are cafes or places to grab a quick lunch. Others offer upscale meals for dinner with an atmosphere you will never forget! This is considered to be a safe area and most people don’t give it a second thought when it comes to crime because they have very few reports of any incidents occurring.

West St. Paul

The slower pace of West St. Paul than in the city of Winnipeg often draws people to this rich neighbourhood. Being so close to nature, there is plenty of wildlife spotted around the homes and parks in this area. The parks offer a fun place for a family to relax, play, and enjoy a picnic. There are many trails to entice people to go for walks and explore around West St. Paul.

The homes tend to be spread out in this neighbourhood, and many that reside there appreciate that additional space. They have larger homes with several bedrooms and bathrooms. There are lots of shops and places to eat in this neighbourhood. There are also plenty of medical offices and other businesses due to the accessibility and lower cost of business property compared to some of the other neighbourhoods in Winnipeg.