KDR Homes Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 261-8728
Address: 1146 Waverley St Unit 10, Winnipeg, MB R3T 0P4
Website: http://www.kdrhomes.com/

Located in Winnipeg, KDR Design Builders is up to the challenges and complexities of the world of building homes. They strive to provide safety, quality materials, and to keep homes affordable. At the same time, they offer the freedom to customize a home to your own design so that it is exactly what you want. Why settle for a home already built with things you aren’t happy with or that you will have to modify when you can get it all to your specifications before you even move in?

The many years of experience behind KDR Design Builders allows them to bring the best methods and best equipment to the equation. It also allows them to benefit from relationships they have established with sub-contractors and with suppliers of materials. They know the laws and regulations so you don’t have to worry that your home won’t be up to those requirements either when this is the builder you hire.

The owners of KDR Design Builders have more than 20 years of hands on experience relating to building homes and businesses. They made the decision to branch out on their own in order to offer better customer service and to help achieve a higher vision of perfection for their customers. All employees are very skilled and have the training necessary to complete their responsibilities for the home successfully.

Finding the right location for your home is essential. KDR Design Builders has some land available in various neighbourhoods of the Winnipeg area. This means that you can easily select where you would like your home to be. This includes some of the higher demand areas around Winnipeg. A current listing of such land available can be found on their website.

KDR Recent Reviews


My family had a HORRIBLE experience dealing with KRD Homes and its owners to build our families dream home.

If you are thinking of working with KDR on your dream home give me a call first and I’ll discuss what went wrong with our KDR build.


I was able to visit the KDR show home located at 23 Siskin and it was absolutely stunning! The layout and flow were fantastic – I absolutely loved everything about this home. Outstanding workmanship and design and attention to all those little details. Well done!


When asked by our builder, KDR Homes if I could describe my experience building with them I jumped at the chance because I was honestly very pleasantly surprised at the whole process – from beginning to end. I am not the type of person to boast or for that matter slam someone publicly, but KDR does deserve to be commended on an exceptional job with my home.

Being a business owner, and having friends that built with what I considered to be a reputable custom home builder made me very apprehensive as I did not have the time to be dealing with my friends top thee complaints: lack of communication, false promises, and crazy extras. But location to me is everything – and when i met Diego to discuss building my home, I found him to be very knowledgeable and very passionate about his product. In hindsight, I found Diego and his team to be honest, fair, and they did deliver on their promises.