mortgage broker

A mortgage broker in Winnipeg assists with matching up potential home buyers with lenders that can provide them with the funds. The mortgage broker doesn’t work directly for the lender. Instead, they are an intermediary that gets paid a commission based on finding borrowers for lenders.


Many people choose to work with a mortgage broker instead of a bank to get a loan for their home. This is due to the flexibility that they find. With a bank loan, there is a strict formula that they use to determine who qualifies. Once someone gets qualified, there is also a formula that they use to determine the rate of interest.

Not everyone out there that would like to buy a home though fits that particular mold. Some people have no credit and some don’t have the best credit. They may not be able to get a typical mortgage loan through the bank with low interest. However, they may be able to get the funding through another resource.

A mortgage broker has contacts with a diverse pool of lenders. They can match the potential home buyer with the lender that can work with the profile of that borrower. This will significantly improve the chances of someone getting a home loan.



The amount of commission that a mortgage broker will receive when a home buyer gets their loan from a particular lender will vary. That information is determined in contracts between the broker and the lender. One of the concerns is that a broker may connect the potential buyer with the lender that can offer the highest commission. Ethically, they should be providing the connection to the lender that offers the best deal overall to the consumer.


In order for a mortgage broker to create plenty of commissions for themselves, they have to network. They have to create a solid reputation that will encourage potential buyers to come to them for a loan to be processed. They have to keep up on the changes to the market so that they can always offer the best information. They also have to work on creating solid relationships with potential lenders.


When it comes to getting the best possible home loan, it makes sense to evaluate all options. Working with a mortgage broker can help you to get approved when you may be turned down by a bank due to their strict criteria. They can also help you to secure your home loan at the lowest possible rate of interest. This means you will save a great deal of money when you consider a home loan that extends 25 years.

Laws in Canada

Each of the providences in Canada has their own laws that pertain to licensing for a mortgage broker. It is important to investigate them for a given location to make sure the proper steps are followed. Consumers are encouraged to always check out the licensing of any potential mortgage broker in Canada before they work with them as a safety precaution. While most of them are legitimate, you do have to be careful of scams.