The area of River Heights/Fort Rouge is found between Cambridge Street to the Eat. In the West it is along Tuxedo. The Assiniboine River is to the North and the Canadian National Railways is to the South. Wellington Crescent is the most well-known area here due to the elegant trees and large homes. This area isn’t too far from downtown either. The access to the parks and to the airport make it a prime location.

The area that is now River Heights used to be part of St. Boniface Parish. The City of Winnipeg annexed it in 1882. However, actual development of the location didn’t occur until World War I ended.

River Heights is a safe area in terms of crimes that occur here. Most of them are petty crimes such as theft. Cars and bikes are common targets of criminals so locking them can be a great way to protect them. It is a place where you find lots of families. If you have children or you plan to have children in the near future it can be the ideal place to raise them. The population is very diverse, with a Jewish population making up about 11% of it.

The older design of the homes around River Heights makes it a very attractive area. In addition to these homes, there are plenty of condos. They range from the very basic styles to those that have all the luxuries you can imagine. The fact that they are so easily within access to transportation, parks, and the downtown area makes living in these neighbourhoods very convenient.

Some of the neighbourhoods found in River Heights are:


One of the popular areas of River Heights is Corydon. This is where Little Italy is located. There are numerous places to eat and to shop in this part of Winnipeg. It is a favorite both with the locals and with those that come to Winnipeg to visit. One of the largest shopping areas is found here as well. Corydon Avenue offers plenty of delightful shops and places to eat. Most of the restaurants offer patio seating during the warmer time of the year.

Osborne Village

In 2013, Osborn Village was voted one of the best neighbourhoods in Canada. This is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Winnipeg, and it has continually been updated. At the same time though, plenty of the older architecture has been very well preserved.

It is very close to the Assiniboine River as well as being close to do the downtown area. The Riverwalk is a place for enjoying the architecture as well as getting plenty of exercise. This is also one of the prime shopping and dining districts around Winnipeg. Most of the boutiques and shops are locally owned. They offer sophisticated fashion as well as one of kind gifts.

Wellington Crescent

The area of Wellington Crescent has many older homes but they are very lovely. They are larger sized homes too. This location has plenty of unique looking homes with older architecture to appreciate. It also offers yards that are large and full of trees. The population in this part of River Heights is about 1,600. Approximately 93% of the population are Caucasians. One of the many draws to living in Wellington Crescent has to be the fact that they have one of the lowest crime rates in all of Winnipeg.

This is one of the upper class parts of Winnipeg. The median household income for residents is about twice that of other locations. The homes here are pricer than others around the area. There are close to 600 homes here that are priced around $380,000 and most of the will need some repairs. Only about 6% of the homes here are rentals, the rest are owned.


At the South Central part of the area is Crescentwood, it is next to River Heights. The name stems from a bend along the Assiniboine River. This area was once a well-known Indian Trail, and it followed those curves in the river.

There are homes in this area that are very exclusive in terms of location and design. Plenty of these areas have been upgraded and developed in the past decade to make them more livable. There are 1,400 homes found in this part of River Heights.

Lord Roberts

Just 10 minutes from downtown Winnipeg is Lord Roberts’s neighbourhood. In addition to the many homes found here, it is also a central area that offers plenty of bus routes and businesses. This is an older but well established community around the area. Most of the homes found here were built between 1905 and 1930. There are quite a few walking trails and small parks in this area.


Along the Red River is a peninsula where Riverview is located. Residents here enjoy the long paths along the river. There is plenty of lush green beauty to see as far as the eyes can see in this particular neighbourhood. There are around 1,500 homes in this area. Most of them offer between 1,200 and 1,500 square feet. They were mainly built between 1920 and 1950.

Central River Heights

Even though the Central River Heights area has been slow in development, it is still a great part of River Heights. Most of the homes are found in the Northeast corner. However, since the 1950s more homes have been developed that are single family residences along the South part of it. This is mainly a middle class income neighbourhood with a few upper income homes.

Grant Park

One of the areas in Winnipeg that was among the last to develop was Grant Park. It was actually the result of some damages to the Canadian National Railway. Part of the ground sank and that required significant rebuilding including the use of rocks, gravel, and cement. Later, those tracks were sold to the city and removed as they were surplus. The streets were expanded so that a service road could be created, and that is what is known as Grant Avenue today.

The homes here are dated from the 1940s and 1950s. There is plenty of history here with older and larger homes. The area also features numerous low rise and high rise apartments. This are is also very close to the Grant Park Shopping Centre which was built in the late 1960s. The Pan Am Pool is a common attraction here, and it was created to offer Winnipeg the ability to host the 1967 Pan Am Games. The Canadian Aquatic Hall of Fame was also located here until 2006.

Early Grey

The area known as Early Grey in River Heights is very large. It was developed after the 1900s. Most of the homes found here are pre-World War I. However, there are some newer homes too as construction has been ongoing over the past decade in this neighbourhood. Most of that new construction has been along Corydon Avenue and Pembina Highway. In addition to single family homes, there have been various apartments and condos in these locations. There has also been growth with the commercial sector here.


One of the interesting things about McMillan is that this area is an odd shape. The population was small when the majority of the homes were built between 1900 and 1914. However, as the demands around the area increased for housing, expansions occurred. One of the barriers though were the various agricultural land holdings in place. As a result, the locations for homes and apartments doesn’t have the typical rhyme and reason to it that you find in other neighbourhoods around Winnipeg.

The area of River Heights has several schools that fall into the Winnipeg School Division. There are four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. There is also the Crescentwood Community Centre that offers access to various sports for families. Some of the sports offered including hockey and tennis. There are also yoga classes.

Walking and biking is very common in this community. During the summer, Wellington Crescent is closed to all vehicles. This provides the residents here a safe place for walking, riding bikes, and even rollerblading.

The average price of a home in the River Heights area is $515,000. There are approximately 6,200 homes in this area. Many of the homes that go on the market here sell very quickly due to the high demand for them. Those located in Osborne Village are higher, with retail around $585,000. Riverview has the lowest priced homes in this part of Winnipeg with a price of about $365,000.