The Fort Garry area is East of the many industrial parts of Winnipeg. It sits along the Red River to the East and Waverley Street to the West. Taylor Avenue is located to the North with Bishop Grandin Boulevard to the South. It sits in the area between downtown and the University of Manitoba. It sits along various curves of the Red River. The name from this area comes from the historical location in downtown called the Upper Fort Garry.

This is considered a middle class residential area. It offers a very diverse ethnic group. Being in close proximity to the University of Manitoba, there are often households that consists of young college students, either married or in a roommate set up. This is also a common location for families with young children and where people buy their first home around Manitoba.

This is a strong area in terms of development. There is a variety of types of options available here. They including apartments and condominiums. There are also plenty of single family homes here. There are approximately 3,300 homes in the Fort Garry area. The area is very close to various modes of public transportation.

There are plenty of public schools in this area, broken down by grades. There is one middle school and one high school with the rest of them being grades K -6. This is a location that combined both residential streets and various commercial districts. The majority of the restaurants and shops in the Fort Garry areas locally owned.

This area is considered quite safe with a low crime rate. The highest incidents of crimes include vehicles being broken into and bicycles being taken. Residents and visitors are encouraged to keep their valuables out of plain sight and to always lock their vehicles. Bikes should be secured with a combination lock. Many of the neighbourhoods here have watches and awareness programs where residents are going to be reporting anything that they feel is suspicious to the local law enforcement.

Within Fort Garry, there are quite a few neighbourhoods that make up the overall area. Each of them has plenty to offer. It all comes down to a personal preference. Here are some of the areas to consider.


There is plenty of growth at this time around the Bridgewater area. In both Bridgewater Forest and Bridgewater lakes, there is continued expansion that includes new homes, condos, and apartments. Along Bridgewater Centre, there will be commercial buildings in place. Bridgewater Forest Trails is also going to offer a 5k walking trail, a lovely fountain, and a very large playground. The additions are only going to further enhance what Fort Garry has to offer for residents and visitors to the area.


With plenty of parks, playgrounds, trees, and walking paths, Wildwood is a well-loved part of Fort Garry. The community is quite small, with about 350 single family homes offered. This area is close to the Red River and features a golf course there. Crescent Park Drive also offers a boat launch. For those that want to get back to nature, the Fort Whyte Centre for Environmental Education isn’t far away.

Fort Richmond

The Fort Richmond neighbourhood was developed in the earl part of the 1960s. The development was slow progressing and it took almost 20 years for it to be completed. The neighbourhood developed over time out of necessity. There was a growing demand for more housing in this area of Winnipeg due to the University of Manitoba being close by. The area offers housing for families, students, and various staff of the University. There are many services and amenities in this area that make it quite convenient. There are approximately 2,900 homes in this neighbourhood. This includes single family homes, apartments, and condos. King’s Park is in this community, and it offers plenty of indoor and outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Liden Ridge

One of the less organized areas of Fort Garry is Linden Ridge in terms of how it is laid out. Yet the area is one where many people wish to live as it gets them off the beaten path around the area. They have a quiet and beautiful area where they reside, yet it isn’t a far stretch to the amenities and popular locations offered either. Homes began being offered in this neighbourhood in 2004 and there are lots of sizes and styles to pick from.

Linden Woods

The Southwest corner of Fort Garry is the Linden Woods neighbourhood. It was established in 1982. It was designed due to the high demand for homes in the South portion of Winnipeg. This neighbourhood has a lovely lake at the center of it, joining both Muys Park and Walleghem Park. The circular display of homes is very modern and appealing. The many walking paths throughout it make it an area where many people desire to call it home.

There are approximately 2,800 homes here. Many of them were built in the early part of the 2000s to keep up with demand for them. Apartments and condos are also located here. This area is about 30 minutes from downtown. The Kenaston Box Mall is just a couple of minutes away. An IKEA was opened in that same area in 2012.

Pembina Strip

Commercial areas is what Pembina Strip is all about. There are plenty of types of shops and retailers found in this area. People love the wide variety of selection and they can easily spend all day there browsing and looking for specific items. This is a place often visited by those that live in Fort Garry. Yet the area gets such rave reviews that tourists in the Winnipeg area are often drawn here out of curiosity. In recent years, the gaps around Pembina Strip have started to be filled in.

South Pointe

The combination of overall beauty along with perks that residents want, South Pointe is gaining lots of attention by those looking for a home. The overall design of this area is one that shows true appreciation for the beauty of nature all around it. The area continues to grow with a three phase development, including homes being built by some of the best in the business. The ultimate goal is to offer more than 2,000 homes that cover an area of 25 acres.

However, the overall environmental focus won’t be diminished either as at least 30 acres will continue to be preserved for parks and other elements of nature to be secured. The retail sector is also going to be growing here, with 55 acres allocated for business use.

Waverley West

The ongoing projects in Waverley West have spanned 20 years. However, the efforts have been well worth it. Over 11,000 new homes, complexes, and apartments have been constructed. Another 1,000 homes are to be constructed in the next couple of years. Both South Pointe and Bridgewater Forest are construction areas that branch off of this particular neighbourhood.

Waverley West is a quiet and pleasant area to live in. There are several parks and lots of trees. There are also plenty of paths for walking. Access to parks, lakes, schools, and even parts of the forest make it extremely attractive. There is a huge spectrum of people that live here including students, families with young children, and even seniors.

St. Norbert

Homes in the St. Norbert area of Fort Garry cost around $690,000. Approximately 1,700 homes are found here. This area is mainly composed of individuals that speak either English or French. It is considered to be the Southern Gateway into Winnipeg. The original hub of the area is still called St. Norbert Village. Expansion around that core has created many modern suburbs. Both the LaSalle River and Red River are accessible from this neighbourhood. The Perimeter Highway isn’t far away, making commuting simple. It is only 10 minutes from the University of Manitoba.

The St. Norbert Farmer’s Market is located here. In addition to the locals of Winnipeg, there are also large numbers of people that come from all over in the summer to buy items from that market. Another great attraction in this area is the St. Norbert Arts and Cultural Centre.

Whyte Ridge

The development of Whyte Ridge started in 1986 to help bring affordable housing options to the South part of Winnipeg. Many of the homes here have some of the newest designs. The area is close to shopping, dining, and various popular activities around the Fort Garry area. There are plenty of areas for walking and several small parks to enjoy. There are about 2,3000 homes in this neighbourhood.

There is a community centre on Fleetwood Road. It offers plenty of activities for all times of the year. There are outdoor basketball and soccer fields. There is also a toboggan slide to enjoy during the winter as well as the outdoor hockey rink.

Waverley Heights

One of the communities that is actually built around the small lakes is Waverley Heights. The area has continued to grow, with the first homes being built in 1974. Many new homes were built in the early part of 2001. There are approximately 2,000 homes in this area. With several museums and golf courses within close proximity this is a low key and relaxing neighbourhood.
There are often homes available in the Fort Garry area of Winnipeg. However, they do seem to be sold rather quickly. It is considered one of the fastest growing areas. South Pointe and Waverley West are places where homes are often in demand. The building of the Bridgewater Forest and Bridgewater Lakes are going to offer some additional housing options.
There will also be the addition of Bridgewater Centre which is a commercial area. The average home in the Fort Garry area is $523,000. Homes in the Bridgewater area start higher, around $650,000 and they can be found all the way up to $2,000,000!