Approximately 15 minutes East of Winnipeg, you will find the town of Oakbank. Being in close proximity to Winnipeg, many people come to this area to visit. This includes those on vacation, on business, and those that live in Winnipeg. They come to the area to explore the many exiting features that are offered.

This small community has about 4,600 residents. The areas continues to grow rapidly though. The area was established in 1899 when a post office was opened here. The village continued to grow around it. The Presbyterian church was opened in 1901 with the Baptist church opening in 1908. The main draw to the area though was in 1906 when the Canadian Pacific Railway built tracks that went through Oakbank. The station there closed in 1968.

Due to the small population in Oakbank, there is a school that offers K through 12 classrooms for the students. The low student to teacher ratio offers the students plenty of individualized attention. The curriculum here continues to get great reviews from students and parents. The students are also recognized for getting high scores on tests.

Some individuals find Oakbank to be an exciting alternative to living in Winnipeg. They may be looking for a home that has a very large yard, and there are plenty of those in Oakbank. For those looking to build a home, there are many large lots found in this town that would be ideal. For those buying their first home or those with a family, having lots of room can be a great incentive to live here.

Even though Oakbank is a small area, it isn’t lacking when it comes to what it offers. The small town feel is what people really seem to enjoy about it. While there are retailers and grocery stores as well as restaurants, it isn’t saturated with commercial elements. Those that live here though are always able to find everything that they may need.

This area is also very low in crime which is something that makes people want to settle in a location. They enjoy the fact that they can go about their daily routine and not have to worry so much about serious crime problems. Currently, this is considered to be the fastest growing rural community in the Eastern part of Manitoba.

It is considered to be the Recreational Horse Capital of the Country. Oakbank is located very close to TransCanada Trail. Bird’s Hill Provincial Park is also close by, offering a chance to relax, for picnics, and to enjoy the main walking trails provided. Oakbank also offers a hockey arena and dance academy.

The area of Oakbank is really booming in terms of the housing market. The homes vary significantly in price based on location, size, and overall design. They start at about $500,000 and some of them are up into the $1,200,000 range.