Paradigm Custom Homes Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 736-4686
Address:42 Rue Principale, La Salle, MB R0G 0A2

A new home should offer more than beauty and comfort, it should also be efficient and functional. That is why Paradigm Custom Homes in LaSalle Manitoba offers so many unique opportunities. They create homes in many locations including Winnipeg. There is no reason for someone to compromise what they want in order to get what is offered. Bringing innovation to the table allows consumers to get exactly what they want for their ideal home.

In 2004, Paradigm Custom Homes was introduced by owners Gerry Martel and Jeff Baertsoen. While they are related by marriage, they are great friends with traditional values. They wanted to bring a family oriented type of spirit and process to the home building and buying experience. The two have been in the business for more than 25 years so they have a great deal of experience to bring to their own company.

The company is well known for being honest, for taking the time to work with customers, and for being professional every step of the way. Combined with passion and a positive outlook, they make it exciting and enticing for someone to get the home of their dreams built. Only the very best materials and methods are used for creating these homes, and all of the details are looked at very closely. The inspections are beyond what is required by law to ensure no stone goes unturned.

The company works very closely with Klaus Schneider. This is the company that they rely on for all of the drafting services and for the interior design consulting for homes. Both companies work well because they are confident they can keep quality standards high without increasing prices of homes. In addition to offering various home plans, they also have some land areas available in various Winnipeg neighbourhoods. Such information can be viewed online at their website.

The commitment offered from the Paradigm Custom Homes team is hard to match. They have a very good planning process that allows the personalized lifestyle and desires to be included in any home. They also have a cost effective means of ensuring that what is on the wish list of the customer can be part of the price and not go over the budget. The company offers many floor plans and sizes of homes. It doesn’t matter if the person is creating their first home or they want something very luxurious to live in.