Gino’s Homes Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 488-2581
Address: 527 St Anne’s Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2M 3E8

One of the prime builders in the Winnipeg, Manitoba areas is Gino’s Homes. The company began in 1968 and continues to thrive today. They have created a great business format that works well for them. They have earned the trust of their suppliers, their employees, and those that they create homes for. Word of mouth has helped them to be in high demand too when it comes to their services for home building.

This company is owned by the Cotroneo Family. The company has the status as a Master Builder Certified business. The family brings integrity, honesty, and the value of hard work to the table. The company was started from the ground up, and they don’t take for granted that families buying these homes have also worked hard to be able to do so. That is why they are dedicated to offering only the best options and offering a fair price for the homes.

The first homes built by Gino’s Homes in the Winnipeg area were for immediate family and then for friends. However, it didn’t take long for the word to spread about them. Soon, there were demands from people from all over the area for such homes to also be meant for them. Today, they build between 50 and 75 new homes annually. The focus is always on quality and not the quantity.

The business is run by Gino and his two sons, Frank and Robert. They continue to bring new ideas to the table to offer consumers the type of home they really want. This includes older designs, contemporary options, as well as trendy new styles that emerge over time. There isn’t a concept you can think of that they can’t help you to create! It is also possible to use one of the plans by Gino’s Homes and add modifications to make it precisely what you are interested in.

Gino’s Homes Recent Reviews


Gino Home’s service is a disaster. They are very unorganized, unresponsive, and unprofessional. Gino Home’s also takes so long to respond to emails and when they do, they lose track of previous requests/inquires and force us to reissue the request and wait another few weeks for a follow up. If you do get a home from them, please keep track of the numbers; credits and upgrades, because for some reason, they only keep track of charges and NOT your credits.


I have built over 5 custom homes with various builders. Gino’s was one of our first homes. There were cosmetic issues, many of which we ended up having to pay out of pocket to fix ourselves… they attempted to blame us for one of them, which is why we didn’t build/buy with them on our next home—integrity was lacking in the aftercare. That said, we had ZERO major issues with our home. Our Gino’s home provided us with a safe, stable and comfortable environment for over 8 years. It is loved by the new owners as well. They don’t have the shiniest or most modern houses, but what was behind the walls was great and well done—and trust me, THAT is the most important piece. I’ve since built with other MB builders (the more expensive/high end ones) and the issues have been monumental. This was my experience with Gino’s, and it was a solid one.


I’d highly recommend Gino as a builders ! We’ve been working with them for 11 years and the quality & detail that goes into each project is great to see, the reason why I decided to leave this review is because when I have to deal with their clients they have nothing but great things to say about the company, to me this mean everything when choosing a builder. If you’d like to hear more please call me. GREAT JOB GUYS !