Irwin Homes Winnipeg

Phone: (204) 661-5159
Address: 1967 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R2G 1P5

Listening and fully embracing the concept that a customer wants is what Irwin Homes delivers. They don’t push consumers into anything they aren’t ready for. They listen, offer options, and allow the customer to have the final say. Such freedom when it comes to home building is encouraging as it means every person gets the individualized care and results that they were looking for.

Trust is at the core of what they are offering, and customers know they can trust Irwin Homes. They have a very good reputation and word of mouth has helped them to become one of the most sought after builders around the Winnipeg area. Getting a home custom built is a unique experience and working with the right company certainly influences the outcome.

They have the expertise to help you see the value in all they offer. They use the best tools, methods, equipment, and qualified subcontractors to get the work done on time. Safety and efficiency are always part of the overall plan of action. They also have model homes around the Winnipeg area that you can check out and see first-hand what they are creating.

Sample plans are also available on the Irwin Homes website. They can give a consumer some good starting points to go over with the company in regards to what they want or what they don’t want for their home. There is no rush to make final decisions, and that is what the customer can appreciate. They get the facts, they get the options, and they have all the time they need to make final decisions.

Irwin Homes is a member of the Manitoba Home Builder’s Association. They are also part of the New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba. This means if you buy a home from them, it also has a 5 year warranty.

Irwin Homes Recent Reviews


Incredibly disappointed in Irwin Homes. Think twice before doing business with them.

After making a 10K deposit on a lot to build a home Irwin bumped up the originally agreed lot price by 58K with no real explanation. This caused us to back out of the deal. This may have been a blessing in disguise as we would not want to be with a builder who is greedy enough to increase the cost of the lot, and who knows what else without any warnings.


Beware of this company as we have had first hand experience with them. The trades they hire are questionable at the least. Some of the jobs could be done better by a non-professionals. When building with this company expect to invest $30,000 after they have abandoned you as they are more concerned with their European vacations and putting their kids through hockey school then stepping up and resolving deficiencies.

“LUXURY no matter the square footage”? Not!!! More like , “We will build it but expect to repair it within 5 years”


These guys have been a pleasure to work with. From the ground up, the build is planned and executed to perfection. Very organized and easy to work with.