A&S Homes Winnipeg

Phone: (204)-256-0863
Address: 101-990 Lorimer Blvd. Winnipeg MB R3P 0Z9
Website: http://www.ashomes.ca

For over 40 years, A&S Homes has been involved in building quality homes around the Manitoba area. They are well known for the beauty, design, and affordable cost of their homes. They have a very good reputation and they continue to offer a variety of designs and options to fit the needs and budget of the consumers. Finding the right design of home is very important and they strive to ensure it happens!

Working with A&S Homes, you can decide exactly what you want your home to look like. You can build the house of your dreams with the right colors, the right size, and the right layout. The flexibility that is offered with packages and various upgrade options means you get the personalized touch.

A&S Homes – Industry Credentials

A&S Homes is a member of Manitoba Home Builders Association. They ensure all members are current with development concepts, technology, and regulations for the industry. All members must be in compliance with building codes as well as honesty and ethical behaviors when dealing with consumers.

A&S Homes Recent Reviews


I need a negative scale for this! I write this review to let everyone know that if possible, stay away from these builders. My family built with them. From day1, it has been one issue after another! The most recent issue that compelled me to leave this comment is water trooping into our basement anytime it rains. I’ve sent pictures and videos and yet, this issue has persisted for over a month. I often get ignored and I noticed that their customer service manager blocked my calls and messages! As I leave this review, my basement is soaked in water. After paying so so much to obtain a building we hope to call home and feel comfortable in, A&S homes ruined that experience for us. Our backyard has also not been graded! We are at risk of flooding! We had a leakage in one of our bathrooms and it took over a week before a plumber was sent to fix it. We have over a dozen pending issues!

The list goes on and on. It has been so traumatic. My family couldn’t even go on a proper vacation as we fear the risk of flooding. All they care about is your money. Do better! I would also like to state that we’re people of colour and we’ve been treated like concerns about our home doesn’t matter!


I would highly recommend building a home with these guys! From start to finish the service was top notch. Adam, the sales agent, helped me select the right home and caught all sorts of things that I wouldn’t have even thought of to make sure I made all the right choices pertaining to my specific needs. For example, I specified that I would like to make a basement rental suite, so he ensured that I picked a home with a basement entrance separate from the main entrance so that I would be separate from my tenants. I built in the heat of Covid-19 so there was of course some delays, but when they gave me that final possession date they really pushed to make it happen and when I got possession I didn’t feel that it was rushed as everything was finished with high quality. An example of them making the possession day happen is when my shower door got delayed due to covid, instead of pushing the date back they put a door on for me to use for the time being so I could still enjoy my house while waiting for the right door. When it came time for a final walkthrough, Alanna was great. As we went through the house I was quite thorough looking for deficiencies as the quality was quite high but being an inspector myself I was able to notice certain small things. I was given absolutely no push back on any little things I asked to be fixed and they even fixed a few dings and dents that I caused during my move with no hassle. Building my home with A&S was a pleasure and I have already recommended them to my friends and will continue to do so. I look forward to building my next house with them.


First our home possession date was changed 5 times there was no communication I have to ask every time Finally I got possession but lots of stuff was incomplete and improper ( like driveway, drywall,stucco, carpet, vinyl, cleaning, gas connections etc it’s over month and nothing has been done so far